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Re: Jason makes a good point but>>>

6/7/2006 6:16 AM
Dave Stephens Re: Jason makes a good point but>>>
well ya missed the point. Believe me GJ I'm sure gets some big orders from names you'd probably recognize who have alot of buying power. GJ hasn't messed up any of my orders as yet, but I did get some product that was just so bad I couldn't possibly use it. I didn't throw a fit and yell at him, just sent him an email saying hey this is really bad stuff I'm sending it back, swap it out for this other stuff I need. He did as I asked and apologized. If I had gotten angry at him and yelled at him for 5 pieces I ordered among the other stuff, all that does is make his day harder and he'll remember that I have an attitude which I don't.  
What comes around goes around, as a pickup of the small time category I don't like customers who act like that either, if you don't like my pickups don't yell at me, I'll fix it and make it right exchange it, grovel, give your money back, buy you a plane ticket to Hawaii (nix that last part). There's no need for emotions in business unless someone is purposeflully trying to cheat or hurt you. I'm not immune to anger either, the local magnet supplier here really sticks it to you for small orders, you know who I mean, they could care less than I'm trying to keep from being a homeless over the hill guy with no future in my dead graphics career. Alex isn't like that at all, his suppliers boost the prices on him, he is getting used too and its just how business works. All I'm saying is there are so few sources for this stuff at the level of guys like me that if you burn your bridges forget about making pickups :-)
6/7/2006 6:31 AM
I can full well see your point Dave ,I think you missed mine , its happened to me far more times than I care to remember , do I get pissed of , yep , do I yell and scream , no way , what and get told to fuck off or lose my money something similar , trouble is , when you are in a different country , you really are susceptable ( How the hell is that spelt?)to getting sent crap , someone else's returns etc ,below par gear , whatever etc , if I get a sniff of anything I am reluctant to risk my money ,on most occasions it would cost me far more to return something than what it cost in the first place , some suppliers know this and have no hesitation in being less than honest in their dealings with overseas clients , must admit though , to me stew macs pricing seems reasonable and any issues have been dealt with promptly , and with no financial loss , it works for me,  
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6/7/2006 10:24 AM

Ladies and gents, this isn't just out of the blue on my part. I mentioned about a month ago that I was having a problem with a vendor but kept the name confidential at the time because it was just a couple of incidents at the time and I didn't want to call somebody out over one or two minor mistakes.  
But he kept giving me the same wrong part over and over and over again and in some cases I kept them but now I'm sending them right back, and even when the right parts came, they were often wrong on the invoice -- all of which leads me to believe there is a signficant problem with their shipping/receiving dept., so I thought I would bring it to everyone's attention to save us some hassle at least until the problems, whatever they are, are straightened out.  
I don't think GJ is trying to screw me because a) the parts are good quality, and b) they aren't gaining anything from this kind of mistake. So if anyone got the impression that I was saying GJ is shady or sleazy, my apologies to you and to Alex because that ain't the case. My read is that it's just a plain ol' garden variety SNAFU.  
Alex, if you're out there reading this buddy, I love your humbucker bobbins, especially those 49.2's, and I still very much want them. I just need you to send me the right ones.
6/7/2006 4:08 PM
But , is it costing you money and time to return them?  
Hopefully you are at least in the same part of the globe , if he's continually stuffing up your order he needs to get it right , how would you all feel if you were $25 , or $40US postage out of pocket everytime someone "got it wrong" some suppliers are cool and resend your parts etc FOC, some won't and ask for the "wrong " parts to be returned to them , yeah right , If he has a problem with whatever , he needs to sort it , Zhang , you have every right to complain ,  
6/7/2006 4:20 PM

Luckily he's just about 50 miles from here so postage isn't really a problem, especially since my volume is still rather small. Enough to meet his minimums for discounts but still small.  
But yes, Mick, he does need to get it sorted out.  
If I had a customer who ordered a vintage Tele rhythm from me and 3 times in a row I sent him a 16k ceramic humbucker, would folks in here be urging the customer to just be cool about it and give me a break? I doubt it.  
That said, I'm sure Alex isn't any happier about this situation than I am. Hopefully we can get it all straightened out. When we do, I will crow even louder about how he solved the problem, I promise.
6/7/2006 4:41 PM
No they wouldn't , you would be told to get your act together , before you give handwounds a bad name , he's hopefully pissed with it too , but some people really have no idea , they don't realise how something that seems so trivial can lose you your business , good name etc , how would your customers feel if you kept telling them, oh man , they sent the wrong parts again , after he's trusted you instead of buying a "big " name brand , he's going to think you are full of shit , worse still he will go around telling everyone that its you ( or me ) who's a bit hopeless ,  
6/7/2006 4:34 PM

Okay, just got off the phone with Alex and we're going to fix it. He said he would personally handle the order this time. When the right bobbins come in I will start a thread on Alex making it right, just the same as I started this thread on the problem.  
Fair is fair...
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