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Re: Beware of Guitar Jones shipping & receiving lately

6/6/2006 1:04 PM
GTarman Re: Beware of Guitar Jones shipping & receiving lately
Sounds good, i'm in. Lets get a central person to handle it, maybe you?
6/6/2006 4:10 PM
Jason is right , we need to be taken more seriously ,we should be treated the same no matter how much we spend , if we treated our customers the same way we wouldn't be around long , so how come these people manage to stay in business? because they know they have the market cornered , this gives some people the illusion that they can treat people like shit , I don't deal with GJ so can't really comment on him personally, I would rather give my money to stew mac , at least they are polite , quick to rectify mistakes etc ,that's good enough for me .  
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6/6/2006 5:20 PM
jason lollar

I wasnt saying we need to be taken more seriously I was just saying thats how it is- the reality of the situation is we are just small potatoes compared to for instance Fender who can come along and buy out a complete inventory of parts.  
even for guys that spend a couple thousand a month with one supplier- thats just small time.  
Guitar Jones does as good of a job as any of them and hes gone even farther to the point of having parts made to my specs, that makes me happy.  
I am saying overall this type of problem is the biggest PITA that youll run across, its something you have to deal with and posting on a public forum that "so and so #%@#$&^ up my order" is not the way to do it.  
I think in the end the solution is to make as many parts on your own as possible and work with the suppliers when you have to.
6/6/2006 6:07 PM
GTarman Jason makes a good point but>>>
I agree with the other poster as well, why not treat everyone fairly. There are guys out there like me who cant afford the machinery it takes to make our own stuff, yet we make good pickups so why give us a hard time because we are a small time maker?? GREED IS WHY!! Those guys think a 250.00 order is small change. To us it's a lot of damn money. SK was doing a good thing with the ampage parts and still is to some extent although the prices have gone up almost way too much. But I understand his plight as well. He works full time with a military career that he loves and the ampage was getting too much so, charge more and make it worth his time, I get that. But never has he ever frowned on any order size, not even 5.00. I know. I got an order once for like 10 bucks or so, he was nice and very professional and appreciated my business. With GJ a 250.00 order will barely get a grunt out of him. If I sold parts and may well do it at some point, I will sell whatever someone needs. Yes I know it is hard to get your inventory level right but what the hell? If i'm going to do it, I am going to invest about10 to 15 grand in parts anyway. Why look like an amature running out of stock parts and having to wait? Have the inventory up front and when fender or whoever the hell comes knocking wanting every piece you own tell them sorry but I can t deplete my entire inventory. Think of your customers as a whole, not the ones who will make your mortgage and the hell with the small guys. Nuff said!!
6/6/2006 6:36 PM
Dave Stephens
Jason has a point, you are lucky that guys like Alex will even deal with us. Everyone makes mistakes and if you yell at him and give him a hard time over some small screw up he's not going to want to deal with you and you may find yourself being asked to buy bigger minimums. I always treat Alex like a gem and he's always been real good to me. If you guys tried to do what SK was doing you'd quickly find yourself getting sour on the whole small parts orders deal, sorting and packing small orders is real time consuming. Shipping and packing for me is the worst part and biggest profit loss in time for me. Selling supplies in small orders isn't profitable unless you put a big ass markup on the stuff like StewMac does.  
I don't see a problem with posting an "alert" on suppliers but angry posts are a bad idea unless there's really just cause like someone ripping you off. My post about Wirenetics was meant to alert you guys that they get their orders wrong more than they do right, but they have always been friendly and prompt in shipments. I'll still use them eventually.  
The group buys idea thing sounds good but hell, who wants to be in charge of that one? Not me. International communication with suppliers isn't easy, if the order shows up on the boat and its all messed up who is gonna eat that one? I'd love to go in on a group buy but don't want that responsibility, no way :-)
6/7/2006 4:49 AM
So what , so because someone fucks up orders its ok and we have to put up with it ?, because if we complain he won't deal with us again? well then he needs a good kick up the arse , he's in business , period ,if you can't get it right then fuck off and let someone who can have a go ,some would no doubt place large orders with him , not everybody has that buying power available to them , and Jason , I do know what you meant in your previous post , all I was saying is that your are quite right , and that we do need to be taken more seriously , Dave , there's people who can't really afford a fucked up order , if someone has a problem with a supplier and wants to share it , thats up to them , and good on them for having the balls to say so ,if it saves someone else from wasting their time and money etc good , same as anything in business , there are right and wrong ways to go about it , as a customer and/or as a supplier , I for one wouldn't deal with him anyway , even less so now , and I certainly wouldn't treat him special on the off chance he'll do the right thing or not fuck up , why are we lucky he will deal with us anyway? who else is he going to sell it to? , would you all still expect someone to keep buying your pickups if you kept stuffing up their order? no you wouldn't , but would you be pissed at them or at yourselves? (just my 2 cents)  
6/7/2006 5:23 AM
+1 Mick.
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