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Re: Ok What the hell is up with this pickup?

5/27/2006 8:42 PM
Dave Stephens Re: Ok What the hell is up with this pickup?
stratitis is the magnets pulling on the strings it has nothing to do with the winds on the coil, forgot to add that......
5/29/2006 7:24 PM
Hi Dave, yeah I knew that but what i'm saying is it has never happened before like that. The only thing i did different was hook up the bridge to the neck spot on the switch and visa versa on the neck. I did play around with it some and what I found was, yes the pickups were too high, I got a lot of it out by lowering them but I also noticed on the tighter winds it is more pronounced, if I back off the tension just slightly it is less bad. Now i have to refigure all my winds, LOL......
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5/29/2006 7:53 PM
Dave Stephens
why don't you try degaussing the magnets some, do you have a magnet to magnetize the magnets?
5/29/2006 8:37 PM
Hi Dave, I'm playing night owl like you :). No I am thinking about getting one of those or 2 of those 1 inch earth mags from stew mac to play with but the problem i think is there is not much control with it. It would be fun to tinker with though.
5/30/2006 3:54 PM
"startitis"? I'm going to suggest it's not. Stratitus isn't THAT affected by amplification, but feedback is. I would guess from what you have said ("it's every stinkin one I have wound") that there is a loose connection or some such vibrating. Occasionally a loose ground wire (on pickups using grounded frames/baseplates) a loose ground can cause vibrational feedback. Sometimes a wire can do the same (like a metal braided routed so it's vibrating against a frame/bp) and even sometimes a wire/ broken solder joint in the controls.
5/30/2006 4:07 PM
Hi Sk, thanks I will double check these things. By the way, are you taking any orders for parts? Thank you.
5/30/2006 6:33 PM
Dave Stephens
yeah, stratitis is just string warble from magnet pull, you lower the pickups and it goes completely away, sounds like you're getting something else......
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