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Black Guard book

12/28/2005 10:09 AM
Dave Stephens Black Guard book
Hey all you pickup weenies do you know about the recent release of the Black Guard tele book available at JK Lutherie online? this is about a 400 page big ass coffee table book where they literally took apart about 40 black guard teles and photographed them. there is info on some artists using them and also a very good section on the pickups used and what years used what magnets and wire. The proceeds from this book go to build a water purification plant in some needy place on the planet, so your $85 goes to help humans in need.  
The other benefit is that they only printed 5,000 copies and the copies are numbered. Now you Ebay addicts and rare book collectors ought to be hearing bells ringing right now. This book is going to easily be worth $500 in less than two years, they aren't going to reprint it and even if they do the first numbered series are still going to bring high prices. There is a long history of collector books with low printings bringing high prices only a few years later, so dig deep down into your wallet and grab that credit card. The copies available now are still in the low 100's so no time to waste if you want a really great book and an investment and a helping hand to those in need. No I won't sell you mine (#0060). Anyway if you're into teles and obsessive about vintage pickup research its worth the bucks, don't wast time the word is getting out......Dave
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