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Dave's in VG

11/23/2005 2:11 PM
Mark Hammer Dave's in VG
This month's Builder Profile in Vintage Guitar magazine is on none other than "our own" Dave Stephens!  
Nice article. Nice hat! Congrats, fella. Well-deserved.  
Is that pick guard material you use for those top plates?
11/23/2005 6:26 PM
Dave Stephens
Thanks...yeah thats the "Portland Blues uniform" (well at least mine), hat is great for balding guys in winter. Yes its Stew Mac 3 or 4 ply pickguard material, the diamond shape bolts to the top of the bobbin inside and secures the pickup in the housing. I should of included other pickups in the picture, players think thats all I make some of them.......
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11/27/2005 3:45 PM
Sheldon Dingwall

That's some really nice looking work Dave.
11/28/2005 4:50 AM
Dave Stephens
Thanks, Sheldon......send money... :-)  
Seriously, in case you all are wondering what that kind of exposure brings, at this time of year in this economy, well, did get me a flurry of orders, maybe 8 sets of this and that and some of my most expensive pickups. Subscriber mailing goes out first so they get the first issues, then in January the the newstands get the magazine in the racks, so its a double hit. So, yeah its a cool thing, but I'm not swamped with orders, the guys without computers call for info and that was fun, the online users send emails, some of them , as always, asking for weird stuff for their pet projects that would require alot of R&D to do, but I get alot of that anyway. I did hope I could make aliving at this in the next five years or so since I'm getting a bit old, but now I'm not so sure there is big enough market out there anymore....I'll keep doing it for lack of any other skills I have, but the publicity has kind of been a reality check. A nice side source of income but maybe not supporting in future, but here's hoping.......Dave
11/28/2005 9:02 AM
Mark Hammer
Could be worse. You could be making fuzzboxes.
11/28/2005 6:31 PM
Dave Stephens
Hey thats a good idea actually, I wonder if they could even find space in the magazine for ANOTHER fuzz box company.....Fuzz-R-Us, I can see it now. Nah, I don't even use pedals what, am I nuts????
11/29/2005 2:38 AM
Greg Simon
Don't give up Dave. Keep at it, and get some more positive reviews, and wait for Bush to get out of office so the economy will turn around, and things will start to explode. I'll be waiting around when you get there to say "I told you so". :)
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