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Re: Winding 1st pickup tonight - a few questions

10/30/2004 4:42 AM
Joshua Pardes
Re: Winding 1st pickup tonight - a few questions
Actually, no it is not. You need to reverse the leads as well. And to the previous post, it is possible to wind an american standard strat bobbin over 7k. I've done it before, it just takes practice winding with enough string tension and feeding the wire on the bobbin evenly. There is another trick that works well when trying to stuff a strat bobbin full. Keep your winds mostly in the middle of the bobbin until they are almost as fat as the top part of the bobbin then fill in the sides, on side at a time. Once everything looks even, fill in any gaps and evenly distribute the wire over the entire bobbin until the bobbin is absolutely full or you wish to stop. I stopped winding this way once I got the hang of it a little better but I don't think there is any tonal sacrifice. Guys, you want to help me out on this one?  
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