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Re: Winding 1st pickup tonight - a few questions

10/21/2004 2:16 PM
Glenn Re: Winding 1st pickup tonight - a few questions
Mark, thanks a lot for the detailed instructions - much appreciated.  
Well, I got near the end and thought I'd check resistance - about 4.5K, so I'll be doing it over.  
The dark background is a big help - after a few hours of winding and some Zen moments I used a chair to support a piece of cardboard and hung a Navy blue towel over it - helped a lot.  
I did learn one thing - that stuff comes off a lot faster than it goes on.
10/21/2004 4:46 PM
jason lollar

You still have to reverse the leads even if you reverse wind in order to change the polarity.  
all reverse winding does is changes which lead will be on the inside of the coil- if you are winding Fender type coils with only lacquer or schellac insulating the magnets you will want the ground lead on the inside.  
so reversing the leads is reversing the leads- changing winding direction is changing winding direction. Reversing the leads without changing direction could cause problems with vintage type fender pickups.  
I hate to say it but this kind of thing is (at the least) mentioned in the book. I understand some guys like to figure it out all on thier own but apprantly if your asking questions you are not that type.If you have the book read it a few more times- from page 30 on including the bass pickup notes. alot of guys gloss over the bass stuff but thats where this is addressed.  
We have also talked it to death but thats the problem with a board that doesnt have archives. other than that we get alot of traffic here.
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10/22/2004 9:29 AM
Thanks a lot Jason. I'm going to go through your book again with a highlighter.  
The second try got it to a little over 6K according to an analog VOM (need to get a digital one) - only snapped the wire twice. I'm guessing that the low resistance is due to three things:  
1) I don't know what I'm doing.  
2) This is a one-piece plastic bobbin which encases the sides of the magnets, so there may be a little less room for wire.  
3)I just eyeballed the the bobbin while spinning it, and it looked like it was turning true, but I suppose even a slight wobble could result in the wire crisscrossing making a loose coil.  
I'm going to pot it in sanding sealer.  
Thanks again to everyone for the help.
10/23/2004 12:39 AM
Dave Stephens
Jason: you said you can hear the difference between a clcok wise and a coutnerclockwise wound coil? Whats the difference? Also the old Fender pickups were north pole on the top and I read Cesar Diaz say that this sounds different too, anyone explain the tone differences? Dave
10/27/2004 9:00 PM
jason lollar

Jason: you said you can hear the difference between a clcok wise and a coutnerclockwise wound coil?  
your pulling my leg right?  
Also the old Fender pickups were north pole on the top and I read Cesar Diaz say that this sounds different too, anyone explain the tone differences?  
they were north for a few years- the north end will have a slightly stronger magnetic field so you might hear that..
10/27/2004 4:50 PM

I made a guitar and put two p90 in there. They were Allparts and made in japan. I simply took one of them, turned it upside down, took the magnets off (since they were now on the on the overside) reversed them 180 degrees(the sides pointing outwards now pointing inwards) and put them (glued) on the underside, and hey presto! Humcancelling when used together. So I guess it doesnt matter if they (the coil) start from the inside or outside, reversed is reversed, it seems. Hope this helps someone.
10/28/2004 8:20 PM
Paul D.

Thank You Elof - I think you have confirmed my assertion that flipping the coil over IS the same as reversing the winding direction. All you then need to do is reverse the polarity of the magnet/s and Presto! - you have a RWRP pickup (in relation to the original).  
-Paul D.
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