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Politico Poll

11/14/2005 12:37 AM
Pierre Debs Politico Poll
Isn´t it funny that bush, rove, cheney and rumsfeld are in hot hot water.  
bush gets up to give these hypocritical speeches that basically the whole world laughs at. ( I disagree with hammer: bush is an F- in a position requiring an A++++ president. hammer is canadian so we have to forgive him :-) )  
Now we see headlines about all the travels and diplomacy of Condi Rice, the last unscathed politico in the bush gang!  
Lets take a poll: What scandal will afflict Rice?  
Lesbian Dominatrix?  
Closet Kaballahist?  
Britney Spears Fan?  
11/14/2005 9:50 AM
Mark Hammer
You're absolutely right. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act ( ), being Canadian qualifies as a disability that requires an accommodation. ;) We have this condition where we can't bring ourselves to shoot before asking questions. We also have this bizarre nervous tic that, sort of like Tourette's syndrome, results in constant sudden outbursts of pleasantness. It's a little off-putting to folks in the office, but what the heck, like Lenny Bruce said, "To play the Star-Spangled Banner you gotta use the white keys and the darkies", so people grimace and put up with us.  
"What scandal will afflict Rice?"  
That's easy. Being a White House Insider. I can't see her political career outlasting this administration. Not that that will impact on her financially.  
On a completely tangential topic. Apparently Donald Rumsfeld has somewhere between $5M and $25M (the official government declaration form only provides boxes with ranges to check off, without a requirement for specific dollar figures) worth of shares in the company that holds the patent rights to Tamiflu, a drug that has gotten mighty popular with the panic over avian flu lately. A semi-lefty government-watcher whom I heard interviewed the other day on CBC radio noted that while the US Department of Defence's decision to purchase quite a few million dollars' worth of Tamiflu for their troops might suggest some sort of Haliburton-like handshake deal, he cautioned against such inferences, and views it as mere happy coincidence for Rumsfeld. He noted that:  
a) many top government officials and even retired former generals seem to find themselves strategically placed on boards of directors of large pharmaceutical companies, long after they have any influence on government purchases or policy,  
b) of the two anti-flu agents of preference out there - Relenza and Tamiflu - one (Relenza) entails considerably more cost and shipping/storage requirements (it needs an inhaler, as opposed to Tamiflu, which is a pill) than the other, so economy is a factor, and  
c) even countries which reflexively spit on the floor at the mere mention of Rumsfeld's name are ordering Tamiflu in large quantities.  
Some guys have all the luck, eh?
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11/14/2005 1:08 PM
Mark Lavelle

"What scandal will afflict Rice?"
Brown-nosing! ;)
11/14/2005 3:25 PM

Um, not to put too fine a point on it, but her nose was brown already.  
I think COndi has contradicted herself anough times that when the ship sinks, she will be on it. I simply no longer believe anything she says.  
And in anticipation of arguments from certain quarters, no, if she says the sky is blue I won't disbelieve it. I refer to her political statements and things regarding the governance of the country.
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