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There is hope for us leftist Democrats

11/10/2005 11:33 AM
There is hope for us leftist Democrats  
11/10/2005 12:29 PM
At least you have the decency to refer to yourselves as "Leftist" and "Democrat" in the same sentence.  
In reality, both the Democrats and Republicans are Leftist these days. The WSJ had an article this morning stating that almost half of all voters in the US now prefer a democratic controlled congress. Only a third of US voters prefer the Republicans to control things. These stats don't bode well for Bush and his cronies. Clearly the US has had it with Bush on many fronts.  
But before all of you lefties start dancing in the streets, understand the following because it is crucial:  
The latest polls show that many of Bush's traditional supporters of the Republican party are completely disenchanted with him because he refuses to control fiscal spending and refuses to control our borders. In other words, Democratic support is increasing not because people are turning more liberal these days, but rather because conservatives have no where else to go given Bush's own penchant for socialism. In a real way the Democrats are actually perceived to be slightly more conservative on fiscal issues than the Republicans -- probably a first in US history. In sum, democratic support is growing because the dems are perceived to be finally getting their act together and now have the potential to present a conservative agenda next time around.  
So if you "lefties" actually want to win the next election then you will have to do something you have never done before -- RUN A CONSERVATIVE CANDIDATE who will be fiscally responsible and who is not afraid to stand up against those who illegally breach our borders. That is the Republican's achiles heal.  
If instead you run another looser like John Kerry, then the Republicans will easily win by running another Bush clone and the country will suffer another 4 years of fiscal social mayhem and inflation.  
You had the same choice in the last election and what did you do? You blew it, that's what you did. In fact, you more than blew it -- you blew it big time. You blew it by running Kerry who proved to be even a bigger fiscal idiot than the current fiscal idiot we have in office now. You also blew it by endorsing stupid trivial ideas like gay marriage when more critical issues such as fiscal responsibility needed to be hammered hard in order to score a home run.  
You soon will have another chance. Do you think you guys can handle it correctly next time?
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11/10/2005 1:42 PM
Dave Rich
For Democrats it's good news / bad news.  
The good news; voters are frustrated with Republicans.  
The bad news; they're frustrated because the Republicans are acting like Democrats!  
The next presidential election could bring a strong third party showing just like 1992, when voters were angry over Bush Sr.'s "read my lips" tax hike. I've been taking a long hard look at the Libertarian party myself.
11/10/2005 8:27 PM
Good oberservation. And one that I have made myself.  
Bush's base is just as radical as the liberals they accuse of wreaking havoc on society.  
The difference is that Bush has run his administration as if there is no tomorrow. His idea of a utopia is one where the federal government is so crippled from debt that the extremimities (SSN, Medicare, EPA, ...)collapse leaving only the core components (national defense) standing.  
Bush's fiscal conservatism has led to borrowing more money from foreign governments in the last four years ($1.05 trillion) than the total sum borrowed in the previous 224 years ($1.01 trillion).  
He's spending money like there is no tomorrow because that's the plan.  
He'll be beyond the grasp of the ballot box when the hangover from his reckless political bender AKA presidency, is completed. But I doubt that many reasonable, moderate American's will be wasting their time visiting his presidential library.
11/11/2005 9:13 AM
Yes, all of that is true. He absolutely could care less if he bankrupts the country and destroys the life savings of millions. And as usual, his only answer is to do a PR job whenever he finds that Americans "just don't understand" him. In other words, everybody else is always wrong and only he is right. He just doesn't get it.  
My prediction is that he will continue to go down in flames and if the Democrats play their cards right they will take over both Congress and the Presidency next time around.  
The country appears to be at a crossroads.
11/11/2005 11:31 AM
steve rathmann
"So if you "lefties" actually want to win the next election then you will have to do something you have never done before -- RUN A CONSERVATIVE CANDIDATE who will be fiscally responsible and who is not afraid to stand up against those who illegally breach our borders. That is the Republican's achiles heal."
Sounds like you're talking about McCain. It's too bad he's probably burnt on the presidential campaigning thing, but I think the timing might be right now.  
If he switched camps I bet a John McCain/Howard Dean ticket would be quite the challenge. McCain has the common sense, fiscal conservatism to attract older/richer voters while Dean has the enthusiastic idealism to bring in the youngins.  
Heck, maybe they could admit that the parties are essentially the same and run a mixed platform ticket, or simply call themselves Republicrats.
11/12/2005 11:00 AM
Stephen Giles
I've heard it said that there is really only one political party in the USA.........but being the USA, there are 2 of them!!  
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