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Napolean Would Be Turning Over in His Grave!

11/8/2005 5:09 PM
rmop Napolean Would Be Turning Over in His Grave!
Napoleon would be turning in his grave if he knew what is going on at this very minute as we speak.  
Not even Hitler could succeed at taking over France. The Muslims will take it over lock stock and barrel and the Muslims will not fail. And why? Because unlike Hitler, the Muslims are taking over France from within. What happened to the Romam Empire is now happening to France.  
And France, you did this to yourself so don't blame anyone else for your folly. You only have your stupid liberal self to blame.  
If the French culture means that little to the French, then let the Africans have France. If France choses to let itself be ruled by a gang of liberals who put the interests of foriegners before the interest of France, then let the foriegners have France. The French don't deserve France. They have grown fat, lazy, and complacent. That's right. Once mighty, the French are now fat, dumb, lazy, potato-chip-stuffing marshmellow fat-heads who deserve nothing.  
Pat Buchanan provides us with the answer addressing why the Paris riots are occuring:  
Western civilization is clearly coming to an end. The word will continue but this is going to be a very different place. The event we are witnessing is pivitol and will be written about in history books forever to come.  
And as usual Pat provides the answer:  
"Yet, to keep Europe’s economy growing and taxes coming in to fund the health and pension programs of Europe’s rising numbers of retired and elderly, Europe needs scores of millions of new workers. And Europe can only find them in the Third World."  
In other words, it is all about money. The French have chosen to throw away their heritage and culture in exchange for money and prosperity.  
What a bunch of stupid, dumb, ignorant, fat heads.  
Just my opinion.
11/8/2005 8:42 PM
Mark Hammer

"Yet, to keep Europe’s economy growing and taxes coming in to fund the health and pension programs of Europe’s rising numbers of retired and elderly, Europe needs scores of millions of new workers. And Europe can only find them in the Third World."  
Yup, too bad they don't share a border with Mexico. Then they wouldn't have to put up with Muslim third world folks; they could have Catholic ones instead, and lord knows THAT wouldn't be so bad.  
I am appalled at the racist tones in this thread. I am ashamed at myself for succumbing to the bigotry that is being spewed out to bait me.  
You got me again, Creepy. I have to admit it. I will bid you adieu, and leave you to your tiny little world where everything make sense with the application of one thin coat of conspiracy and a second application of xenophobia. Enjoy.
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11/9/2005 12:05 PM
Rmop Liberals will be Liberals - Part II
Nothing is being thrown to bait you. My response dosen't specifically revolve around you.  
I just expressed a conservative opinion that is shared by some of the best thinkers on the planet including Pat Buchanan. I even quoted Pat and provided a relevant link so that others could hear more about what Pat has to say on this issue.  
There are no racial overtones as you stated. Instead there is a direct discussion of how traditional culture in France is dying. Clearly the fundamental message of what I said is cultural. Europeans have a right to preserve their culture just like anybody else. So what is the problem?  
But to liberals, discussions of preserving traditional culture are off limits. Why? Because liberals despise the traditional power holders in European societies since they stand in the way of the liberal cause, that's why. So what some liberals will do is use cheap shots such as emotionally charged labels of racism or character assasinations of conservatives to get liberals closer to their ultimate goal: Complete Domination of all European Culture by Liberal Thinking.  
Bottom Line: Liberals will be liberals.
11/9/2005 12:17 PM
Pierre Debs
Europeans had better start perserving their culture even more or it will be gone.  
Nothing racist about this sentiment at all.  
Radical islam is hell bent on destroying western culture.  
I say ship them back to their countres and stop giving them any money and social benefits.
11/9/2005 4:39 PM
There are a couple very interesting and worthwhile issues you just raised:
"Europeans had better start perserving their culture even more or it will be gone.[/QUOTE]and[QUOTE]Radical islam is hell bent on destroying western culture."
There are people who seem hell bent on praising all cultures but their own. (Not me.) As I understand it, liberal Europeans have gone the extra mile to practice what they preach, and it's biting them in the ass in several countries. It makes sense that this may create a more conservative swing in European politics - not that Europe will go conservative, but that liberal Europeans will become more cautious. If being open to all cultures is part of one's culture, one's culture may be doomed. I'm willing to praise Western culture and say that it is the best...period. It must defend its best aspects from assault. While I feel sorry for anyone living in the stone age who got run over by the West, it's hardly my fault or the fault of many people alive today.  
Pierre, do you and/or Europeans see radical Islam as a well funded or poorly funded? I see the biggest problem with yanking the Arab world out of the 14th century is that they've got all this oil money and they didn't change themselves to obtain the success oil has brought. It makes them somewhat like rich brats with nothing to do. Obviously, not every Arab has access to that money, but in some countries, the masses have done well through no fault of their own. For example, it's supposed to be nearly impossible to get an honest day's work out of a Saudi. So they've got money they didn't earn, technology they didn't create, precious little work ethic, a Globally epic inferiority complex, indifferent government, and an inflexible religion to boot. The world is for it for some time.
11/9/2005 8:30 PM
Pierre Debs
I can´t comment on the financial situation of radical islam. I think in the end they do not need much money to achieve their goals. They seem to have caused enough havoc so far. Secondly, they simply need to maintain their birth rate and sooner than people think, they will be the majority in at least continental Europe. So maybe now is the time to ship those muslims who do not want to integrate, back and rethink social benefits. Liberal europe works for europeans and those willing to integrate, not for recalcitrant fundamental islamist. this is despite what all the fluffy greens may have you think. Liberal europeans have no problem walking around the sauna completely nude. Muslims go into the showers with undwear on and into the sauna with underwear, I see it all the time in my gym. Liberal europeans find it appaling that muslim women walk around covered head to toe, islamists think western women are devils and must be punished. It is absurd.I think the majority of the muslim world is poor. the oil money is not in every arabs pocket. plus, arabs do not have the corner on islam. Turkey and the Phillipines have tons of radical islamist. Remember also that the lebanese are not arabs nor are the iraqis nor are the iranians nor are the syrians. ( sorry bad sentence, it is 3 am and I can´t sleep) Arabic is a language and really the only arabs are the Saudis and the United Arab emerites.  
Iraqis are very hard workers and their social system worked very well and they where the highest educated population in the region.  
The americans destroyed all of that and sent them back to the 14th century. Iranians are also very well educated and industrious, but radical islamic freaks destroyed that. The lebanese like to party all the time.  
I think many europeans are more worried about the further Radicalization of islam as a result of the Iraqi invasion. ( seems to be a reasonable concern). Although the germans after 9/11 got their act together and probably know exactely where every potential radical in germany is hiding and what tthey are thinking. The effects of WWII and strong human rights laws prevent them from doing anything until the islamist make a move. the islamist know this and don´t move too much in germany so , catch 22.
11/9/2005 8:55 PM
Pierre Debs
maybe they are taking my advice:
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