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Re: Paris is burning...

11/4/2005 2:57 PM
AnonB Re: Paris is burning...
I like the french, their country, there way of life and their attitude.  
Going to hang out in the cités?
11/4/2005 10:52 AM
Michael Tousek  
Check out this excellent piece by Theodore Darymple, written after a visit to the immigrant districts of Paris in 2002. Vivid stuff, but dark. He saw the trouble brewing there.
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11/4/2005 10:53 AM
Pierre Debs
I don´t think the majority, vast majority, of americans give a shit about the rest of the world, let alone France. Be it out of ignorance or not, americans have more problems to worry about like their jobs, their dead soldiers, fighting an illegal war and the overall and deep assfucking bush and company are delivering.  
11/4/2005 11:17 AM
Mark Hammer

Well, we have plenty of coverage in Canada, though it suffers from the same factors that American coverage does: namely the reduction of foreign reporters as a cost-cutting measure by broadcasters. In other words, while "caring" about Europe may have played a role when push came to shove about making resource decisions amongst broadcasters, at the moment the level of coverage is largely driven by having only a couple of people for network X to cover ALL of Europe, stem to stern. As good as CBC is, like many broadcasters, they have their "Asia correspondent", their "South America correspondent" and so on. When news breaks out in country A, they may be in country B covering another story, and the network waits until they travel.  
I'm hoping to catch up tonight when they play the all-night English-language radio newscasts from Radio Sweden, Deutschwelle, Radio Netherlands, BBC World Service, and a few other European public broadcaster services.  
Just out of curiosity, what are the similarities and differences in context between, say, those areas of the continental U.S. where there has been large scale immigration from Latin American countries (both legal and illegal), and those parts of Europe where there has been large-scale immigration from North African and middle Eastern countries? Is there ANYTHING that can be learned from the one to improve circumstances in the other? Just curious.
11/6/2005 12:16 AM
Pierre Debs
what is happening is indeed tragic. what is to be learned is that those who receive UNENDING social benefits are never happy. The genesis of the current stupidity was a tragedy. How the community is reacting is a disgrace and If I were french I would demand that ALL asylum seekers, all those sitting in unemployement for 5 years, with their 5 wives and 25 kids, all of whom bitch and moan about the french, all of those who refuse to support democracy and live like europeans in public,all should be sent back to their countries.  
what is to be learned is that if you give a communitiy everything, they will shit on you.
11/7/2005 8:17 AM
If you were in america and said the same thing (about immigrants), you might be accused of being a Bush voter...;)  
I hear that the rioting is spreading to that true?
11/7/2005 8:59 AM

Damn! If they keep it up, look for europe to move considerably more right.
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