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Religion is for Stupid People

10/31/2005 4:12 PM
Buzz Voltzman Religion is for Stupid People  
"At first, there was definitely confusion just because everyone was trying to figure out what was going on," Mr Dudley said. "Everyone just immediately started praying."  
Let me quote that again, "Everyone just immediately started praying."  
HellOOO! Come ON people. the lord doth work in mysterious and tragically horrific ways, but someone yanking the mic chord out of his hand might have kept him preaching the Word some more.
11/1/2005 1:54 PM
Mark Hammer
One part of me says "Hold on! A guy *died* here, and not just any guy but someone who was important to a large community, right in the middle of while he was trying to do soemthing he thought of as good, and of benefit to others. This was a guy with three kids and a wife who will miss him deeply.". So, I don't really want to poke fun.  
Another part of me says "Maybe, just MAYBE, before you pursue that course/program in theology too far along, you can afford to stop and take a course in basic physics and electricity". This was as needless and stupid a death as they come.  
Still another part of me says "I betcha the guy, if given a moment, would have known that it was a foolhardy thing to do, but was distracted by whatever he was attempting to do within the ceremony and did what too many of us do too many times a day - begin an action without thinking it through." Only in his case, it had far more tragic consequences than turning your hand to tell someone what time it is while holding a cupful of scalding coffee. His kids have NO embarrassing stories to tell at parties out of this.  
The difference between dying a death that makes people smack their forehead with the butt of their hand, and living to hug your wife and kids the next day, is often about 200msec or less.
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11/1/2005 3:02 PM
Michael Tousek
Poor guy. The lesson here is to use wireless mics around the baptismal pool. Otherwise you run the risk of your death becoming comedic fodder for internet bulletin boards.  
But what would have given him a shock like that? Assuming a properly wired mic and a properly wired board, there shouldn't have been any lethal voltages present. Then again, assuming proper wiring might be assuming too much.  
Or maybe he was a real audiophile and grabbed hold of an old tube Telefunken or something.  
11/1/2005 3:36 PM
Pierre Debs
that would be a waste of a telefunken fersure fersure!
11/2/2005 12:45 PM

I have played several time at an old art deco hotel in Hot Springs, AR. I found out the hard way that the stage had been wired from both phases. Nasty jolts!!! jackleg electrician.
11/2/2005 5:47 PM
Buzz Voltzman
The death of the minister is tragic especially since he had small children. My heart goes out to his family. The reason for the post was not to make fun of him. Accidents happen and people die every day. Everyone here who has ever performed onstage has been zapped. Even though it's unpleasant, those of us who reconginze the potential for a small shock generally wouldn't consider it potentially lethal. I don't fault him in any regard for the accident.  
What I find appalling is that when it happened "Everyone just immediately started praying."  
How about immediately dialing 911? Or immediately killing the power, pulling him out, and starting CPR? Doesn't "God help those who help themselves"?
11/2/2005 7:58 PM
Michael Tousek
The reason for the post was not to make fun of him.  

Good to hear.  

What I find appalling is that when it happened "Everyone just immediately started praying."  

Do you really think they jumped into a prayer huddle and just left him twitching in the water? No one is that stupid.  

The more plausible scenario is that when he was shocked, people rushed up to help him. Someone killed the power and someone else pulled the mic from his hand. An ambulance was called. Maybe they carried him to another room. And in the confusion of it all, those looking on began to pray.  

Yes, the quote says that prayers began "immediately", but to interpret this literally, as in "instantly", is almost certainly a mistake. More likely, the people in the pews began praying in the moments or minutes following a confusing scene at the front of the church. Kind of like stunned prayers offered in the swirl following an assassination or something. This wouldn't have been an irresponsible time for them to pray.  

Now, if indeed they begin begging for a miracle right off the bat, and if nothing else was done to help, then yeah, you have a point -- they were idiots. But people that idiotic exist only in movies and cartoons. Here in real life there's little reason to think they acted that way.  

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