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Are You Ready to be Drafted?

10/1/2004 3:08 PM
Brutus Are You Ready to be Drafted?
If GW Bush is re-elected president the draft will become reality in America within a year. ARE YOU READY TO BE DRAFTED? A good question to think about before pulling the lever in the voting booth this fall.  
Don't believe me? Ha ha ha, then the joke will be on you. Things have gone from bad to worse in Iraq and are not getting any better. We cannot win with the current troop count. Bush knows he has to escalate this thing like we did in Viet Nam to win this war.  
And if you don't have a rich daddy like GW did, don't count on doing some fancy manipulations to get you out from going to the front lines like GW did during the days he avoided going to Nam. If you are poor or middle class, Bush wants to give you the chance to die for your country whether you like it or not.  
So... ARE YOU READY TO BE DRAFTED? You warming up to the idea yet?  
10/1/2004 5:27 PM
But Kerry is the one that wants to add 2 new divisions. Where do all those people come from, China?
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10/1/2004 6:00 PM
If Kerry adds two divisions, Bush will add ten. Kerry has promised no draft. Bush has openly waffled on the draft subject. Bush refuses to say no. And as a lame duck in a second term he is bound to push for a draft earlier rather than latter.  
Bush has been smart enough politically to know that he could not implement a draft during his first term even though he would have liked to. And he has promised to stand firm and do what it takes to win this war. I believe him on this. And that means the draft will quickly become reality if Bush is re-elected. Recruiting is way down in the military. We are running on empty using National Guard Reserve units to fight the war. If Bush is dead set on winning, then the draft is an absolute requirement. Whether you like it or not, it is coming if Bush is re-elected.  
For the record, Kerry has promised NO draft and also promised to start bringing the troops home in six months after being in office. Doesn't sound like a draft scenario to me. And Kerry has a far better chance of negotiating a peaceful solution given that he has a softer stance that has less risk of antagonizing the 1 billion plus Islamic people in the world, many being a bit on the radical side who have an intense hate for Bush.  
If you want to move more quickly to peace, Kerry seems to be the solution. If you want the war escalated and to be drafted, then vote for Bush. He will be very anxious to give you the opportunity to die for your country. He needs to provide you with this special favor to have his vision of world order accomplished.  
Listen carefully to what Bush is saying. He says he is a strong leader. That means he is completely prepared for the ultimate sacrifice, that being however many more dead US soilders are need to win this thing to his satifaction.  
We are at over 1,000 dead US soilders and counting. Every few days a few more die and the best emotion that GW can show for it are a few smirks during televised debates indicating that it is his full intention to have the carnage continue. The death of thousands of more poor and middle class US soldiers mean nothing to him. That's what strong leadership is about. You do what is necessary to win.  
So... ARE YOU READY TO BE DRAFTED? Anybody out there ready to go along with this?  
10/1/2004 9:19 PM
less risk of antagonizing the 1 billion plus Islamic people in the world,  
So what has any of the Islamic world done to "not" antagonize the US?
10/2/2004 10:16 AM
They have done a lot to antagonize the US. If that is what you are saying then I agree with you. But two wrongs don't make a right.  
Can I assume your answer means that you support a new draft and would be happy to put your personal life or the life of your family on the line for your cause? Please elaborate.  
10/2/2004 12:17 PM
Sometimes you must cut off a finger, to save a hand.  
Part of curing cancer destroys surrounding good tissue as well, but is necessary for ultimate survival.
10/2/2004 12:33 PM
You are not being clear. Does that include your fingers too?  
My question clearly was ARE YOU READY TO BE DRAFTED.Can I take your answer as YES, YOU ARE READY? Or are you saying it's OK to draft others but you feel you should be exempt.  
Please be specific.  
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