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The Peace Train stopped in Bangor

9/22/2004 11:02 AM
The Peace Train stopped in Bangor
Here is a nice little example of the USA PATRIOT act in action.  
I guess that being a beacon for peace classifies you as a terrorist in this country.
9/22/2004 1:18 PM
Religious nuts should be turned away, no?  
Oh, that's right, if he was a born again Christian, you'd have no problem with that, but you have a problem with turning away an Islam nut?
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9/22/2004 2:07 PM

No, you're wrong. I have a problem with our government singling out innocent people as suspected terrorists for no good reason. Why was he on a watch list in the first place? He is a peace activist that has in no way supported terrorism. Therefore, what is the rationale for not allowing him into the country. Next thing you know, the Dixie Chicks will be deported.
9/22/2004 4:24 PM
You have no fricking idea why they stopped ol Cat. There's lots of stuff you don't know and I don't know. There is a reason for that. It's called national security. The world is a poker game, and you don't win by showing your hand.  
The Dixie Chicks, like many politically naive rockers, shouldn't be deported. Thinking people know they don't know what they are talking about. Being a successful and talented musician or actor does not make one an expert in foreign policy. Geesh!!!!
9/22/2004 5:37 PM

Where did I infer that the Dixie Chicks or any other popular person was an expert on foreign policy. Your grasping at straws here. So, again, anyone who disagrees with your viewpoint is naive.
9/23/2004 5:25 AM
Yusuf Islam? Guilty! Madrid is his kind of peace train, and its high time for it to be derailed!
9/23/2004 10:02 AM

Now your sounding like quite the conspiracy buff yourself. Next you'll tell that Jimmy Carter is responsible for 9/11/01.  
Do I sense a bit of Islamic hatred in your voice. Boy have taken the bait.
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