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Where did all the conservatives go?

9/7/2004 5:00 PM
Where did all the conservatives go?
Hey Conservatives,  
Where are you? We haven't heard a peep out of you in quite a while. What's going on? Have you lost faith in your beloved messiah W? Have you discovered what he really is and stands for? Have you lost your right-wing fervor?
9/7/2004 5:14 PM
Mark Lavelle

Perhaps they've all reported for duty in Iran Iraq...
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9/7/2004 9:52 PM
No Hate Nahhh. none 'o that. Just bored wit...
Nahhh. none 'o that. Just bored with you and your ilk.  
Take your flame to the next board where everyone will cheer your rousing posts of inane left-wing links and "proof" that even true believer Art Bell would scoff at (Hint : He does'nt turn down much).  
Have a nice additional 4 years of W.  
See you and Hitlary in 2008.
9/8/2004 2:10 AM
Wow, an Art Bell reference. Wouldn't have thought of that one. Wasn't sure that consipracy theory du jur had necessarily conservative or liberal roots.  
Art Bell was fun, the newer guys are boring. it always amazed me that someone came on and offered up evidence of say Martian civilization, and all they can talk about is how the government is deluding us aboaut it. They never talk about the implications or the technology, just the conspiracy.
9/8/2004 9:39 AM
No Hate
Art Bell was fun, was'nt he. I don't think Darin gets my inference : That some of the Anti-Bush rhetoric comes across as very nutty sounding, alot of it seemingly from the annals of Coast to Coast.
9/8/2004 10:16 AM

I get the reference, and there is nothing nutty about questioning our government. I am not a lemming, and I only trust those who have earned it.  
You also have failed to answer a previous question. What would qualify as evidence to you since every thing that doesn't suit your position is lies and speculation.  
It's not speculation to say that Bush, and his administration have lied to America. I seem to recall Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice and Powell all saying that Saddam had WMD. I even recall Rummy saying that he knew where they were. All lies. What did this get us in return? Well as of yesterday 1000 dead American soldiers, and approximately 17000 dead Iraqi civilians. Not to mention the billions of our tax dollars being spent on this unrighteous effort.  
Yes, Clinton lied to America as well. But what man wouldn't (or doesn't) lie about their sex life. Their was not much harm done in Slick Willy banging Monica.
9/8/2004 10:55 AM
Re: Where did all the conservatives go?
I'm a fiscal conservative/social liberal. Close enough for you? I suppose that means I should vote for Kerry, but he's just another Republicrat as far as I can see. The Power Elite generally piss me off. I'm voting for Ralph Nader. You've got to admire a guy who makes Keith Richards look like a snappy dresser.  
I'm simply appalled by the level of vitriol. The liberals I know keep talking about Nazi Germany and the conservatives I know keep talking about Satan and Apocalypse(either literal or figurative). Hitlery? C'mon, she's just awful, but Hitlery? That's too far. Since I can't change the culture, I'm choosing to ignore it.
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