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Best CD labeling kit?

12/28/2005 6:13 PM
Bob Best CD labeling kit?
Hey everybody, I hope you alls Xmas was good.  
I wanted to ask this question since I figure some of you do your own recording of CD's and make the labels to look pro. What is the best label kit or label refills a person can get??  
I would like to get clear labels to print on but cannot find any locally. BTW, I'm new to doing labels to my CD's.  
Anyone have any good advice on this?  
BTW, I bet Steve A can answer these questions.LOL...
12/28/2005 9:51 PM
Steve A.

    I had been using the CD Stomper for many years since it would center the paper labels very well. The labels aren't cheap, especially if you get the glossy kind (~60 cents each). So I'd get the flat matte labels in the jumbo pack to bring the price down to maybe 15 cents each.  
    However, about 2 years ago I switched over to ink jet printable media for my Epson R-300 printer. The transport mechanism is very flakey, so for it to work I need to wait until the proper moment and then help out the tray by pushing in a little bit. You need to keep your finger on the tray to determine when you need to push it in. :(  
    They have come out with a R-320 printer, but I don't know if they resolved those transport problems. There is also a less expensive line of printers that will print on cd's and dvd's- the R-200 and the R-220.  
    The cartridges are very expensive- figure $90 for a set of all six (the R-220 printer retails for 100!) The cartridges use "smart chips" to keep track of the ink level so if you try refilling them it will think that they are still empty. You can order a set of refillable clone cartridges to which you add the chip from a real Epson cartridge. I guess you can just turn off status monitoring, but Epson warns you that the print head can be damaged if you allow a cartridge to run out.  
    Some people have cut open cartridges that were reportedly empty and found them to be about 1/3 full. Maybe the best bet would be to turn off monitoring, but take the cartridges out regularly to weigh them on a gram scale.  
    The resulting disks look really slick, and for DVD's you don't have to worry about the label sliding a bit, putting everything out of balance.  
Steve Ahola
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12/31/2005 2:07 PM
Hey Steve,  
Thanks for the info. I see some folks using these clear labels that look great but I have not been able to find these. Sam's club sells a printer for around $80.00 that will print directly on Cd's but I have a real nice 4 in 1 printer and don't want to replace it yet.  
Seems there has got to be a company that only builds CD printers just for that purpose. You know, small and compact.  
I never really thought about a label making the disc out of balance so I guess that's even more incentive to just get a CD printer.  
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