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Magix Web Radio Recorder

12/28/2005 11:34 AM
Steve A.
Magix Web Radio Recorder
    I mentioned this program in another post but in case you missed that I have to say that this program is the slickest thing since sliced bread (which was introduced in the early 30's). I had used the free applet included with my Sound Blaster Audigy 2 card, but it never worked very well and in comparing the recordings with those of WRR I hear a hollow echo-y quality that indicates some problem with the configuration (I think that I'm recording the sound twice so it is like a flanger with a very short delay).  
    In any case, Web Radio Recorder makes great sounding recordings and is also great for just listening to web radio stations. (If you like what you are hearing, click on the red button and the recording will start, going back about a minute, hopefully to the beginning of the song.) For those web stations that broadcast the song title and artist you can configure WRR to split up the recording into separate files for each song (which sure beats having to manually navigate through a 6 hour recording!)  
    If anybody is using a different program to record web broadcasts, let us know! This one works great for me but maybe there is a freeware or shareware program that works just as well at less than the $30 price I paid for WRR.  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. Compared to 99 cents a song at iTunes, $30 is a great bargain for all of the mp3 tunes you can download for free, without having to hang out at the sleazier sites, which always manage to infect your computer with spyware and other forms of malware. :(
12/28/2005 11:39 PM
Steve A.
Hmmm... [sound of back pedalling]
    As I was going through my 9 hours of recordings Christmas morning, I see that later ones had overwritten the earlier ones (I think that Magix used the same default filename, based on the station and calendar date.) Oh well, I got almost 4 hours and I do think that they were saving the best for last (when most people would be awake).  
    In checking around I did find that Replay Radio has a lot more features, but it does sell for around $50. One very handy feature is the URL finder, which will sniff out the actual address for the streaming audio. I was unable to connect with KFOG using the Magix program, even trying my best spy tricks. :) So I installed the demo version of Replay Radio to find the URL for the KFOG stream. The preconfigured address is:  
    The "redirect" in the address suggests that RR can update the URL for the KFOG on their servers whenever they have to, and the customers should have no problem if the address changes. Hopefully that link will still work if I uninstall RR.  
    Here is the address that URL Finder sniffed out (which works in Windows but not in Magix WRR):  
Steve Ahola
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12/29/2005 8:24 PM
Steve A.
Urrr... [sound of front pedalling]
I had said:  
As I was going through my 9 hours of recordings Christmas morning, I see that later ones had overwritten the earlier ones...  
    That seems to have been the case with one computer but not the other, so I did find the missing 4 2/3 hours of Christmas Blues. To be fair, I spent very little time configuring the second computer so I shouldn't blame the program if it did overwrite the older file. :(  
    In any event Replay Radio is a much more robust product, but Magix WebRadio Recorder seems to do the job... if you can just tell it where to find the streaming audio for the desired station! :( We'll see how long the demo version of RR will work for looking up URLs for the streams.  
    "Cheap! Cheap!" said the Christmas Bird sitting on my shoulder...  
Steve Ahola
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