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For The RUSH fans / RUSH in RIO

12/24/2005 10:29 AM
Rick For The RUSH fans / RUSH in RIO
I finally just got to see the DVD of RUSH live in Rio 2005 and have to say that after listening to and being a RUSH fan since 1975 that these guys still rock just as tough as they did back then.  
Even though they have aged they still just kick ass with great jams!  
Man, Neal Peart did this drum solo and just smoked. Kinda reminded me of the first live album (All the worlds a stage) great album with killer songs and a great drum solo too. Definitely the professor of the drum kit.  
Geddy lee sang his ass off and man does he play the hell out of the bass guitar with intensity!  
Alex Lifeson played many different guitars but I was glad to see him back on a Les Paul like the old days and he sounded awesome. His guitar tone was very good almost like the old days too.  
he looks to be using H&K amps now and they sounded good. Very close to the old Marshalls he used to use. I still like the old Marshall sound though.  
Not sure what model of H&K but I wouldn't mind trying these amps out just for the heck of it.  
Anyway, I thought it was a great concert. The only complaint I had was the sound quality was a bit off due to the bass tones being a bit over cranked but that was a sound recording issue and and not the bands fault. A good live concert for any RUSH fan.  
12/24/2005 6:32 PM
Don Symes

It's a TriAmp:
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