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AC/DC DVD - a lesson for all players, IMHO

12/23/2005 3:14 PM
old guy AC/DC DVD - a lesson for all players, IMHO
I bought the 2-DVD set "Family Jewels" by AC/DC - highly recommended - more fun than I've had in weeks. Is this the best rock band ever or what? Talk about intensity.  
I could never find drummers or bass players that would play this simple when I was a kid. I STILL can't find them. It takes intelligence and a lack of ego to hammer out a simple groove without playing "look-at-me" fills.  
Like the story I heard about James Brown's bandleader auditioning guitar players: the main question, in all seriousness, was "Can you play an E9 chord all night long?"  
I am reduced to an idiotic fan, but this DVD is great stuff.
12/23/2005 6:34 PM
" Is this the best rock band ever or what? "  
possibly. a good dose of ac/dc every now and again is a good slap of reality of what a rock band should sound like. strip away all the bullshit and play BIG dumb riffs at max volume like YA MEAN IT! what could be better?  
if aliens came down from the sky and asked 'what's this rock and roll we've heard about?' I'd play them 'lucille' by little richard and 'problem child' (or whole lotta rosie or back in black) by ac/dc.  
That's rock and roll!
12/24/2005 1:01 AM
Steve Dallman

I "discovered" AC-DC in my late 40's while on staff at a fundamentalist/evangelical church. I didn't have a lot of company there. I had heard them for years on our classic Rock station but didn't listen critically.  
I bought a live CD with Brian Johnson and I was hooked. Stiff Upper Lip was absolutely great.  
I'm no longer at that church, but I still love AC-DC. I bought a couple DVD's and watch them a lot.  
You gotta love bands that don't take themselves to seriously and just have fun. Angus Young was accused in an interview of making the same album over and over again 10 times. He shot back, "That's not true...we've made the same album 13 times!"
12/26/2005 4:36 AM

I dig were they are coming from. Plug in and play. Gibson guitar and Marshall amp......turn it up and wail. Basic R&R.....nobody does it better.  
I can hear the influence of Paul Kossoff in his(Angus) playing.....and I love Kossoff. Even Jimmy Page and Clapton dug Kossoff and Free. AC/DC is Free with more balls and drive, even early Zep but cleaner(I guess less drugs and booze). That's the way Bad Company should have sounded if they had a set. Although there is some BC stuff I do like.  
They don't pose, they don't pretend. They are what they are and that is a great Rock band that gets very little recognition for what they did. There are so many players and bands that get forgotten over time, I hope they don't.
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