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Merry Xmas etc.

12/23/2005 5:16 AM
Merry Xmas etc.
Hey guys. I'm taking off for a week of travel in a few hours. Merry Xmas to everyone. If you are not into that, then I hope that Hannukah, Ramadan, or just dancing around the goat in a housedress works out well for you. Best wishes.  
12/23/2005 8:42 AM
Dai H.

merry christmas, happy hanukkah, kwanza, etc. Enzo and everybody. :)
12/23/2005 8:51 AM
bob p
Happy Festivus! :D
12/23/2005 3:32 PM
Merry Xmas all. I hope Santa brings all the new guitar parts an amp parts to fill your stockings full. And if that don't doit for ya, maybe he will drop off a (Pamela Anderson nude poster) :) for yousalls.  
Just don't let the wives see that one or ya might wind up in the dog house......LOL......  
Wish list for Santa, A new custom black Fender strat with a floyd Rose trem and a Marshall 1959 head and 4x12 vintage B cab.
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