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12/20/2005 5:29 PM
Rolento "Roffle"
12/21/2005 1:46 AM
Steve A.
Check this one out!
12/21/2005 2:32 AM
"Gibson Baldwin Music Education Signature Series Signature SG 6-String Electric Guitar"  
Man, that's a mouthful!
12/21/2005 3:56 PM

Certainly not a mouthful that will be repeated when these begin to appear on ebay :(  
Plus I assume everyone is aware of the $85 Million which Gibson just completed borrowing from BOA for refinancing . . .  
12/22/2005 7:22 PM
Ampage Troll
These have already surfaced on Ebay, some going for $300-400...
12/23/2005 4:03 AM
Steve A.

These have already surfaced on Ebay, some going for $300-400...  
    I couldn't believe that anyone could be so stupid, but...  
    If you scroll down there are 4 links to completed auctions with the price as high as $560.  
    Fortuneately a good samaritan named jgrimsley has taken the time to warn everybody about these guitars:  
    I suspect that many of them are being bought by wives as Christmas presents for their husbands... "Merry Christmas, honey!"  
Steve Ahola
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