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Rip Glitter LIVES!

12/17/2005 11:16 AM
Steve A.
Rip Glitter LIVES!
    Back in 2002, the posts on Harmony Central from Rip Glitter were knocking everybody out so I saved them to a PDF file and uploaded it to my site:  
    After almost 3 1/2 years I finally hear from THE MAN HIMSELF:  
Subject: Hi, I'm Rip Glitter  
Date: Sat, 17 Dec 2005 07:25:11 -0800 (PST)  
From: Matt B  
Hi Steve,  
My name is Matt, but most people around the net know me as Rip Glitter.  
A recent e-mail caused me to do some web searching on where Rip's reviews have turned up, and your site came up. Thanks very much for the compliment! However, I must clarify something: there are only four real Rip Glitter gear reviews: the Peavey 5150, the Jackson Randy Rhoads V, the DOD Thrashmaster, and the Danelectro pedal. All others (like that Dean Markley Pro-Mag) are imposters. You can usually tell because the imposters never link to their e-mail address.  
When I found someone impersonating me, it got me hotter than my drummer's balls after a night with a St. Louis waitress.  
Anyways, thought you should know. (And yes, I am really him -- you can e-mail me through the HC website if you want!)  
    So without further ado, here is the OTHER Rip Glitter review, the one I missed in my archive file, the Danelectro DD-1 Fab Tone pedal:  
Price Paid: US $50 used  
Ease of Use: 10  
Okay, really, is any pedal difficult to use? There's four knobs, and in order to get this pedal working, all you have to do is start turning them all clockwise. If you don't like the sound, try turning some counterclockwise. Mix and match to what you want. If you can't figure it out after all of this, try plugging it in. Then start rocking out to your Seven Mary Three power chords or whatever the fuck you're listening to, because you obviously haven't attained the brain power to properly operate a light switch, must less attempt anything more complex than a rousing rendition of "Cumbersome."  
Sound Quality: 9  
You want to know my setup? Damn you're a nosy bitch. 1974 Fender Telecaster through a Danelectro Fab Tone DD-1 into my Fender M-80 combo. That's it. Personally, I don't like having to fuck around with 19 pedals when I only have two feet which are usually reserved for helping me run around the stage and leap off my amp during the downbeat of "Whole Lotta Rosie" when my band "Rabid Wolf" rocks out twice a week at the Greenbriar Bowl-A-Rama.  
Reliability: 10  
You want to know how dependable this pedal is? After I found my little brother Randy messing with the new chrome rims on my Camaro, I rolled my Fab Tone up in a towel and beat him like a stepchild on Sunday, and it was still able to carry me through the solo for Trixter's "Give It To Me Good" without even a hint of static. This pedal is designed for ASS KICKIN' hard rock, so don't even bother looking at it in the store unless you're ready to smash some punk in the teeth when he asks you if you were at the last Sneak Attack show, because that pussy wouldn't understand Sneak Attack if they were rocking out in his bedroom at 3am. So do both of you a favor and crush his skull with a Danelectro DD-1 Fab Tone.  
Customer Support: N/A  
Overall Rating: 9  
If you don't get it by now, you probably never will. This pedal is ROCK rolled up into a neat little ball, and the people at Danelectro have been kind enough to let us have a little lick of the rock. This pedal is PUNK ROCK and HARD ROCK and METAL EDGED and everything else that music should be about -- getting loud, getting WILD, and getting chicks. Sometimes I'll take my Fab Tone and just wear it down the front of my pants, because it feels just as good to wear it as it does to play through it. And if anyone tries to give me crap about it, I'll grab 'em by the front of their shirt and tell 'em how they just walked into the jungle...and I'M THE TIGER!  
Submitted by Rip Glitter at 01/09/2001 08:19  
[end of quoted material]  
Steve Ahola
12/17/2005 3:31 PM
Holy cow, this guy is hilarious.  
I haven't laughed so hard in weeks.  
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12/17/2005 8:41 PM
Dai H.

lol, I love the Randy V one. I posted a link to some of his reviews over at aron's one time, and a lot of people enjoyed them. Hats off to Rip/Matt.
12/18/2005 3:39 PM
Too funny! :) Steve, Can you tell me how to save a web page to a .pdf file? I only know how to save it to .html. Thanks! Frank
12/19/2005 12:46 AM
Steve A.
Authoring PDF files
    I believe that there are some less expensive alternatives, but I have the retail version of Adobe Acrobat, which allows me to author PDF files. I originally bought version 3 and have paid for upgrades to version 4 and 5. It's up to version 7 now, with a professional edition which is even more expensive.  
    There were problems with Version 3 that we never corrected in versions 4 & 5, and I have a hunch that they were never corrected in versions 6 or 7 either... I wish that Adobe would give me a call so I could explain to them how the user interface is supposed to be set up in a Windows program. (Adobe's background was in programs for the Macintosh and they STILL haven't figured out the proper way to implement the right mouse button!)  
    But I digest...  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. Under Tools Web Capture you paste in the URL of the page you want to capture, and then set the various options before clicking on DOWNLOAD. Version 5 doesn't recognize a lot of stuff on web pages these days, so I need to look into what version 7 actually does.  
    BTW Adobe has come out with "Elements" versions of Photoshop and now Premier; they ought to come out with "Acrobat Elements" that offers basic PDF authoring functions for under $100. But the marketing department in Adobe never returns my calls... :(
12/19/2005 8:30 AM

Steve & Frank,  
I have this software installed on my WinXP machine:  
It acts like a virtual printer; you simply print documents and select the PDF Creator as your "printer." It isn't perfect, but it's free. It seems to work pretty well, but is kind of limited as to making changes to the pdf file.  
12/19/2005 9:00 AM
Steve A.

    Have tried using PDF Creator to capture a web page to a PDF file? Just wondering because I remember older versions of IE crashing if I tried to use Acrobat's "virtual printer" to capture a web page...  
--Thanks for the link!  
Steve Ahola
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