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Ebay seller hits new low.....

12/16/2005 5:01 PM
Ebay seller hits new low.....
Their name is we-buy-guitars. They shill bid on me to drive of the price's and are trying to control the prices of certain Jensen speakers on eBay. I called them on it and they ruined 2 auction I bid on for P10R's. This guy is a real low life, Sc** bag.  
If you don't believe me check his auctions.....his prices are ridiculous and he never sells anything. He has some agenda and I think it's to drive up prices of certain products so he can eventually make out on them when the prices hit real highs.  
It was also personal because I called him on it....I hate people like that.
12/16/2005 6:16 PM
Mr. Anonymous
I have had some bad experiences this year too on eBay and am thinking of not doing the eBay thing any more as the scumbags and low lives are ruining it and if you report the problem to eBay they really do much of nothing to fix the problem.  
A few years ago I won a Dell laptop used for $450.00 from a real big seller in NY and they sent me a laptop PC that didn't work and in bad shape and it took me three months and threats of a lawsuit to get my money back and when I reported it to eBay they did nothing. This seller had so much bad feedback yet they never did stop them from selling.  
Do not use your CC thru paypal either as if you get screwed the paypal will not pay your CC you you get stuck with the bill. I found that out the hard way!  
eBay is a scam run by a sorry ass rag head!  
My two cents worth  
Mr A.
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12/16/2005 7:00 PM

I can't prove it, but I think there's a few guys from different places around here who are in a collusive arrangement to try to do that.  
They can use all their own names, and even use friends, family, bid stuff up.  
They can put something up, people start bidding, one of them pops in to drive it up more, and if they don't get what they want (which is more than it's worth), one of their buddies can just snipe it at the end for more than it's worth. That is now a new benchmark for what it is worth. No money actually even has to change hands. Heck, the item never even has to leave the building.  
Then one of them can put it back up later, gullible knuckleheads take a liking to it and bid, (after looking up the model and seeing what one went for), they pop in to keep things rising, and some poor sap pays even MORE than more than it's worth. Now they can ship it, and that's the new price that one of those is worth. If it doesn't get WAY more than it's worth, they just make sure they get it back, and try again. Once they figure out pretty much how much they can sucker people, they can put it up, and try to get that to actually get rid of this time. That's what the idiots at the pawnshop now sees, and tries to charge. That's what everyone else researches, and sets as their price.  
Meanwhile Fat F#$% at the one place, and the Ebay A-Holes at the other are howling with laughter about how they have just set a new low for setting the new low higher. Gullible people are getting sucked into it, and used gear deals are fast disappearing.  
Like I said, can't prove it....but it's possible?  
12/17/2005 8:29 AM
Rob B.
Many reasons to not buy on ebay:  
1) con artists  
2) ignorant sellers who would not know a problem if they saw it.  
3) you can't see a problem with the neck set in a photo.  
4) you can't tell whether parts are original from a photo.  
5) you can't see humps in fingerboards that require planing and a refret.  
6) people are to ignorant or too lazy to know how to pack an instrument or an amp.  
7) even if the instrument is packed properly and insured, the carriers regularly refuse insurance claims, requiring a trip to small claims court.  
Ten years ago when ebay was a buyers market, I was able to get stuff so cheap that the many problem purchases were evened out by the good purchases. With stuff going on ebay for more than stores sell stuff for, it makes sense to spend dollars almost anywhere else. As a music store owner told me: "We sell fully serviced working stuff on the floor, and sell broken stuff (described explicitly as broken) on ebay. We often do better with the broken stuff on ebay than selling working equipment on the showroom floor.
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