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Oh, and the above reply was from me.

12/25/2005 10:52 AM
rooster. Oh, and the above reply was from me.
12/25/2005 12:50 PM
Steve Dallman

Amen annymous. Mexico should be one of the richest countries in the world, for all the reasons you cite and more. Unlimited natural resources be they oil, minerals or precious metals, terrific growing seasons, a hard working population, strong families, etc. The gov't isn't saddled by an expensive safety net...there is NO safety net. Progress has been stifled by a greedy government and sadly, by the Roman Catholic church. (The Roman Catholic church was against our forming of a representative rebublic.)  
It just doesn't make any sense. I live in east central Wisconsin. When I moved to our city, in 1978, there were virtually NO minorities. Our company hired a black personell manager and he sent his kids to a school 20 miles from here so they could go to school with at least a few other blacks. (I'm no racist BTW...that manager was a close, and very good friend.)  
There was a fairly large Chinese population but for the most part, they were nearly invisible. They were long established, professional businessmen and women.)  
Now we have a large Hispanic and growing African American population. Unfortunately, largely in part to there being a prison 27 miles to the north, and 18 miles to the south. Many families have settled here to be near to family members who are inmates in one or the other prison.  
The Hispanic population also grew out of the need for seasonal workers, from cabbage farms to manufacture and sales of small gifts through those catalogs we all get in the mail.  
They slowly began to stay rather than return to Mexico each winter.  
We also have a huge Hmong population. In their case they had the choice to stay in their homeland, and get slaughtered or escape to whatever country they can get to accept them. (The end of the Vietnam war emboldened the communist forces to wipe out millions once we were gone.) I'm glad they're here, considering the alternative.  
Back to Mexico...It almost seems as if the growing Hispanic population is trying to re-create Mexico here, but why would they want to? That corrupt government did nothing for them but take from them.  
Fox makes it to our city once and a while as his wife came from here (or possibly went to school here at Lawrence University...I forget.) I know he doesn't take well to criticism.  
There is no reason, except for the greed and corruption of the Mexican government that citizens of Mexico have to live in poverty. There is enough wealth there, both natural and created, to richly support everyone there.  
I worked on an Indian reservation for several years, before the casinos. It has been interesting to see how the different tribes handle the inflow of money that the casinos bring them. The reservation I was on didn't distribute the profits. The money seemed to disappear into the former tribal chairman's pockets.  
Outside of Green Bay the tribe plows it's money into purchasing land. Their goal is to buy back all the land that they owned before the white man came along. Sooner or later, the loss of tax revenue will impact Green Bay significantly, but judging by the number of whites that frequent the casinos, the population of Green Bay doesn't much care. They may someday soon.  
I'm in favor of the wall/fence, and hopefully, enough border patrol, whether or not it's boosted by the military, will exist to patrol it. Unchecked illegal immigration is a serious issue.  
There would be far less objection to the influx of immigrants if they would work harder at being "good American" citizens and quit trying to change this country into the countrys they flee from.
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