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Its about time!

12/16/2005 6:10 AM
Mr. Anonymous Its about time!
WASHINGTON - The House called for construction of a fence along parts of the U.S. border from the Pacific Coast to the Gulf of Mexico as a bill aimed at shutting down illegal immigration moved forward Thursday.  
The two-layered fence, about 700 miles long, would be built in parts of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. The provisions, passed 260-159, put priority on construction near Laredo, Texas.  
Its bad enough that the guv lets lots of our jobs go out of the country and for the longest time and let these folks from Miexico sneak in to under cut pay that we work hard to achieve so finally they are gonna do something right?  
Lets see if it really happens.  
Mr. A.
12/16/2005 3:27 PM
I know, I've been desperate to get a job selling oranges on the highway or doing day labor irregularly. Now with all the illegal mexicans gone this dream can be mine.
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12/16/2005 3:57 PM

Hey man,I already got dibs on Rte 66.
12/16/2005 9:22 PM
Frank De Salvo

I understand they are using immigrant labor to erect the fence *stiffling laughter*...  
12/17/2005 6:09 AM

We have a large mexican population of all places, Staten Island NY. Most are just hard working people looking to better their lives like my Grandparents were 100 years ago. But a lot of them are crimals, they are hard core rapists and murders. Give us your poor and all that, not your low life criminals!!!!! Make the fence big and long and High!!!!!
12/17/2005 8:22 AM
What price cheap labor?
The pros and cons?  
Unscrupulous employers are able to exploit their illegal status to work as near-slave labor. They offer low wages, and no benefits. This, supposedly, holds down prices on tomatoes.  
Unscrupulous employers are able to exploit their illegal status to work as near-slave labor. They offer low wages, and no benefits.  
No some kind of basic health care...means the rest of society picks up the tab when they and their families go to the ER to get their broken bone set, have a baby, or treat their flu. Taxpayers and those still lucky enough to have insurance pay for it.  
No benefits now may extend to the citizen carpenter or masons, etc., who have been displaced, and are now out of work. Joe (or Jose) Citizen used to be able to provide for his family at some sustainable level, but now cannot. It has just exponentially created more uninsured that society has to pay for. And, let's not forget that "The Man" HAS Joe and family's number, so they are responsible for all debilitating debt. Illegals can just buy a new identity and start anew.  
When an entire group of people are maintained as a sub-class who may not earn enough to thrive, they may look at alternative sources of making money...if you know what I mean. This drives up property crime and, possibly, personal crime costs and all that goes with it. Of course, it may be a small percentage of people who resort to this, but how much is acceptable? If law enforcement didn't have this extra burden, perhaps they could do a better job, at a lower cost to taxpayers. If our borders were more secure, then fewer people would slip in. This means that available resources could be expended more effectively tracking and monitoring fewer suspects. This would eventually provide more efficiency, and lower cost the benefit of all of us.  
Many times, illegals will live many to a residence to afford food and shelter. They may, or may not, be related. Anyone ever try to live with too many people in one place? Anyone ever see someone go off in that situation? Again, someone pays for the results. And let's not forget that when someone can barely afford to get by, they probably will not be able to do a lot of maintenance, which may lower property values and contribute to blight in the area. The stress and frustration of being in that situation, and being on the receiving end of bigotry can lead someone to do something that normally would not have been in their nature.  
Latinos who have come here through legal channels, (and should be welcomed and embraced), who were already being discriminated against in the first place by some measure, are now, themselves, being undercut for the jobs that were previously available to them. This lowers their standard of living even further, and adds to their hardships, because they now have to be exploited, or starve.  
Could our schools do a better job of educating American citizens' children if we didn't have to pay for nearly twice the resources to do it in two languages? Why are we sacrificing our childrens' education to appease, basically, one other group?  
How many illegals have valid drivers licenses and valid insurance? Yet, they will drive. What happens if one is involved in an accident? Who pays property and injury damage? That's right, we do. They can become someone else, to start anew. And remember, "The Man" has our number, so we can't.  
Why do illegals have a different, more lax, set of rules than citizens?  
And, just a brief mention of natural resource usage (especially in the Southwest, where water is not so abundant), increased waste, increased energy usage, and other enviro-economic factors that all interrelate that someone has to pay for, whether monetarily or through diminishing availability that strains the system.  
How many dollars (regardless of the low pay) are earned here, and sent out of the country? This money does not circulate back into our economy. If someone earns, say, $200 for an week of work, and they send half of that out of the country, this country has just lost $100. Multiply that by, say, even just 1 million people. That is $100 million that just disappeared out of our economy...that week. (Of course, these aren't the real numbers, just a round-number example. If anyone knows facts...feel free to insert).  
I don't blame people for wanting a better life. If I were in their situation, and the country next door left the door open, I'd probably do the same thing. They are getting conflicting messages. A wink and a nod, and some minimal enforcement to give the appearance that something is getting done.  
The real blame lies in the greed of corporate America, and our own insatiable appetite of trying to get more for less. While we may be feeding a small dog Milkbones with tranquilizers to placate it, there's a large dog sneaking up from behind us ready to bite a big chunk out our a$$.  
We need to take a breather. We need to stop the inflow, deal with the business aspects, consider the socio- and enviro-economic consequences, and then form a workable solution that provides jobs for people who need them, provide people for the jobs, and in a way that doesn't perpetuate an underclass of unfairly treated human beings that probably create more of a burden on the system than they are saving in labor costs and end-user prices.  
Getting control of the situation could prove to help balance out the economy more to the benefit of all of us, and make this a safer, more agreeable place to live.  
Maybe. Build the fence, and go from there.  
12/25/2005 10:52 AM
Got to agree with you. I am of the camp that believes in legal immigration, probably increasing the legal number of immigrants from down south while taking great pains to deport those who came over illegally. I see the "trickle up" theory of economics playing out here in AZ, where truck drivers are out of work and broke, due to increased competition with mexican trucks who are not required to undergo the same inspection, maintainence, and insurance practices that the US drivers do. I also see homebuilding carpenters being put under, who used to do roofing, drywall, painting, concrete, wiring, and many other jobs that a skilled american tradesman used to. Not everyone in the US can just "go back to college and get a higher skilled trade"; some bricklayers are just that, and that's no reason to take away their livelyhood. Those who say that the Mexican immigrants are only taking janitorial jobs and hard labor/low pay jobs are snowing the american public. They are taking the skilled tradesman work as well, and by leaps and bounds. The backbone of America is being ripped out by the do-gooders who feel sorry for everyone in the world and force our citizens to pay for them, one way or another, on one side, and the greedy corporations who will exploit the cheap labor on the other.  
If people want to see conditions improve for those south of the border, let's see Fox clean up the corruption in his country; that country has great farmland, huge oil reserves, many raw material deposits, and a workforce equal to any in the world in terms of quality and work ethic. The corrupt rulers of that country are the ones flushing it down the drain. They must clean up their own business before we go in and start handing ours over to them.  
My opinions, directly affected by this.  
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