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New Sensor may be losing its tube factory

12/15/2005 10:47 AM
Mitch New Sensor may be losing its tube factory
Read below,  
New Sensor Faces Battle  
As a loyal New Sensor dealer, I wanted to send you this article  
published in the December 8 edition of The Moscow Times. It  
describes our battle with a company that wants to unfairly  
acquire our vacuum tube factory in Russia.  
We'll continue to fill you in with further developments as we  
fight to win.  
In the meantime, thanks for your support, as always.  
to download a copy of Acrobat Reader: Click here  
Rock & Roll,  
Mike Matthews
12/15/2005 2:43 PM
Mark Hammer

That's kind of disturbing, isn't it?
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12/15/2005 8:16 PM
Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.  
Calling this extortion is like calling the Atlantic ocean a lake. This is outright theft.  
These men that are hiding behind their shell companies are nothing more than pigs. Bastards.  
While violence may not solve the problem, I sure am thinking violent thoughts about these filthy beasts.  
Dammit. This goes way beyond disturbing.
12/15/2005 9:55 PM
Frank De Salvo

Think we can talk GW into bombing the Ruskies before ths happens? :D  
12/17/2005 11:47 AM
Steve A.

GregP said:  
Calling this extortion is like calling the Atlantic ocean a lake. This is outright theft.  
    I agree with you completely, but remember that the free market and capitalism are still new ideas in Russia. America was 150 years old when the Mafia became a major power during prohibition here. I don't know much about the Russian Mafia but on TV they are portrayed as ruthless killers. Don't forget the Yakusa in Japan after WWII... it seems like all countries go through this period of violence and corruption. Oops! I forgot that we still have violence and corruption here in the US starting with our police force and working its way up to the top:  
    I hope that someone steps in to protect Mike's interests in Russia...  
Steve Ahola
12/17/2005 6:33 AM

Anyone have a plan to throw some weight behind this issue? Anything anyone can do to pester U.S. officials to take a serious look at this? It may be a non-issue unless it gets backing from more powerful forces...say, in the entertainment industry, gear manufacturers and distributors. (We all know THIS administration, particularly, could not care less about us Average Joes. I'm not sure if anything would be done unless there was a way for Bush and his cronies to profit from it).Maybe Guitar Center could even actually do some good for a change, instead of just trying to be the Wal-Mart of the instrument industry. Actually, maybe Wal-Mart can step in and BUY GC to exert its power on the Ruskies. ~~shudder~~~  
Shall we inundate any possible forum that may take an interest in this? Are the music industry mags all picking up on this?  
Would an avalanche of concern from the the lowly bedroom hobbyist to the top echelon of the multi-billion dollar entertainment industry get their attention? (Bono may be on the fence about this, of course. He may struggle between the love of Edge's guitar tone...or more specifically, the money he makes from that...and his concerns about the environment).:D  
What should we do? Just spread the gospel and hope it gets noticed?  
Just wondering.  
12/17/2005 9:32 AM
Frank De Salvo

Dude, Russian businessmen such as these are no different than teamsters/mobsters. I wouldn't be suprised if they are planning on taking this guy out :(...  
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