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Macs at reasonable prices?

12/14/2005 10:37 PM
Don Symes
Macs at reasonable prices?
I just got an outrageous deal on a RETURNED 14" iBook at CompUSA.  
Apparently NOBODY wants the returned ones, so I was able to get mine, with a 3-year service plan with the extremely valuable 'screen upgrade' for a grand total of $800 (list is $1299.95 for the iBook + $500 for the service plan).  
Figure out what Mac you're interested in and start calling CompUSAs you're willing to drive to looking for one.  
/ it may work for Windows boxes, too, but I'm trying to de-Microsoft my life.
12/15/2005 8:09 AM
Rob B.
Congratulations on your purchase. A great forum for Mac stuff, both equipment and opinions is
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