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Christmas Treat for all of you!

12/14/2005 3:58 PM
Steve A.
Christmas Treat for all of you!
    Merry Christmas! I'm giving copies of this to all of my local friends this year- it is an "expanded edition" of one of my all-time favorite albums, which goes back to 1969. Some of Mike Bloomfield's finest studio recordings were on the album, and I added in some rare and not-so-rare live recordings of Barry Goldberg with Mike (or Harvey Mandel) on guitar. So thanks to RapidShare we can go global with this...  
    I'll put a zipfile together with the artwork for the album and upload that next.  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. If you are going to download just one song (to try it) I'd suggest "04_Blues_For_Barry_And". 10 minutes and 16 seconds of Mike BLoomfield playing a slow blues (IMO much better than "Really" on SuperSession).
12/15/2005 1:23 PM
Frank De Salvo
The Steve Ahola Appreciation Thread
You are one of the most giving and generous people on this board and everyone here appreciates you. Haha, I still have the Ampage 2003 CD collection you sent that Xmas and as a result, my taste in music has expanded (and contracted in several areas ;))! Thanks to you, I have come to love Robin Ford!  
Seriously, I remember when I first started hanging around this site- the Blue Guitar website was- and still is- a source of great knowledge.  
Ahhh, it seems like only yesterday I was calling you Steve Aloha and looking at pics of your modified strat wiring! Damn, you've got big hands! :D  
Here's to you, big guy! :cheers:  
Ruining good moments since 1975
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12/15/2005 11:10 PM
Don Symes

Seconded, Frank, and echoed in your direction.  
You, SteveA, and about six other guys who hang here or who used to, have been big influences on my online personality. Positive influences.  
Thank you SteveA, Frank, Gil Ayan, R.G. Keen, Bruce, Randall, and everyone else I've had a chance to learn from and share with.
12/16/2005 6:27 AM
Dai H.

thanks Steve! I got about half of them, then it seemed to slow down so I'll try again later on.
12/17/2005 10:18 PM
Steve A.
Aw, shucks...
    Here's a little local humor for you, right out of my newspaper last Tuesday:!.pdf  
Steve Ahola
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