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Who pays for the extension for the Evacs in Texas???

12/12/2005 10:51 PM
Steve B. Who pays for the extension for the Evacs in Texas???
Well some one in the guv extended the evacuees stay in Texas and I'm wondering who pays for it all?  
Man, I don't mind folks staying here in good ol Tejas but if they jack up the taxes any more expecting the Texans to foot the bill on this one then maybe its time to start looking into getting someone impeached!. Texas is already in over-saturation of taxes as it is!!!  
Also I was talking to an evacuee that is working in my area and he said all the badly flooded homes in NOLA are getting bulldozed. He also said someone is buying up a lot of the land real fast and getting it real cheap too. He got this info first hand from a relative who still lives down there and was approached and asked to sell their property real cheap.  
Probably one of those money grubbing sorry assed Repubs doing this and expecting to sell and make tons of money on the poor's misfortune.  
Pisses me off...  
My rant since I ain't done one in a while.  
12/25/2005 10:58 AM
I agree with you on this, except for one thing: why do you always assume it's a "money grubbing sorry assed Repub"? Here in Phoenix, Betsy Bayless pulled similar moves with downtown property and got rich off the stadium build, and she is a Dem.; Barbara Boxer(spelling?) has done the SAME thing in California, and in fact, is pushing for an Indian Gambling Casino on State parkland due to huge kickbacks into her pocket. Kennedy ring a bell? Is he not filthy rich due to political opportunism by his family (yes, same as Bush's family, but it's the SAME as Bush's family). If you keep assuming that greed and corruption follow party lines, than you are nothing more than sheep being led by the nose. And you know what the sheep get....  
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12/25/2005 6:00 PM
Judge Doom

"And you know what the sheep get...."
No, wait! It's rabbits that get dipped....  
Stop that *laughing*! You know what happens if you *can't* *stop* *laughing*, don't you??? One of these days you'll laugh yourselves to *death*!
12/25/2005 10:21 PM
Steve B.
Yeah Rootser,  
Your right on what you wrote, but the repubs are just more bold in doing crap out right and then talking thru the side of their faces telling every one they did nothing wrong but what they did do will benefit all...Yeah right!  
Just look at Mr. Delay, good example of a double standard type. And I bet he will get off after all the Judges get their payoffs too.  
I think the repubs are gonna bury themselves slowly by their actions and the Dems will follow.  
When will the American folks wake up to the fact that government needs a BIG overhaul?  
I'm still waitng to see a third party step up to the plate and lead our Nation from these money grubbing sorry A-holes who do nothing more that lie to the American public about BS just to try and justify their actions all the while they are lining their pockets and bank acounts and all the poor to middle class are getting the shaft.  
As far as taxes in Texas goes, we pay some outragous taxes and they keep going up. I guess Mr. Perry seems to think all Texans are rich?  
12/27/2005 9:12 AM
You're right, Steve, but unfortunately, a 3rd party just won't happen. The American people won't step up to the plate. As far as Mr. Delay, what he did was wrong. And, as far as money misused in the SAME conduct as he misused it, he is not even in the top 1/3 of the congress/senate in terms of how much money was misused. He's just the one they're going after.  
As long as people make money and enhance their own power through poverty and racial strife (think Kennedy, Jackson, and Sharpton, the three worst), those will always be part of the US. As long as we vote with our hearts instead of our heads, we will be screwed. As long as emotional tirades are treated as debate, we lose.  
As long as Brittney Spears is on the music charts, we deserve it.  
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