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God made the JCM800

10/6/2005 8:31 AM
Frank DeSalvo
God made the JCM800
How the hell are you all?! SO much has happened since I last had internet access and I don't know where to begin.  
Before the hurricane, we were set to meet a 3xs grammy producer in Miami to record a demo for the labels. When the storm hit, we lost everything but our vehicles and our gear- all of which sustained some sort of damage. At this point, the recording was going to have to wait- which would make us lose our chance at getting signed before the close of the year. Translated: we would have to wait another year before we would be considered by any major label due to budgeting. We decided to make a leap of faith.  
Trusting God, we took all of the money that we had left and packed what gear we could bring into a small nissan xcab truck and left for Miami. We knew that we had no place to go and no money to spend, so we decided to bring some MREs and make the beach our home. Well, when we got here, our manager said the Red Cross found us a hotel where we could stay for 60 days if need be! Haha, the hotel is right on the beach!  
24 hours after we arrived and settled in, we found ourselves on the beach- lying about in hammocks suspended between palm trees thinking...just the other day, we were living as refugees in a house without electricity for over a week- suffering through the Louisiana heat, monster flying-cockroaches, mosquitos, and minimal rations. Only God could take care of His kids this way!  
After recording 16 of our best songs for consideration, the producer said he would have to sit with our ent. attorney and narrow it down to 4 that would make a good package. He said that normally, groups have one good song suitable for use as a single while the rest would become filler material. According to him, the problem with us is that all of the songs are awesome and he had trouble choosing only 4! Normally he charges artists $20K/song, but he is waiving his fee for us in order to make money off of an "impending major label deal".  
When I found out what I would be recording through I was thouroughly disappointed- though I hid it. It was a old 50w JCM800 halfstack. "I can't stand Marshall amps :(", I thought to myself. After the LP was set up, I turned the marshall on and hit a huge d powerchord. (*&#$@*&$(@#*!!!!! I couldn't believe how awesome this amp sounded! This is THE sound that I always wanted and I can't believe that I got it out of that old beast! It sounds like a monster v8 on the recordings and I am in love!  
I've got to go, but I wanted to update you all and thank you for the support and kind words. Our next adventure in the immediate future is our move to LA, CA...I am so tired of driving :(  
All my love,  
10/6/2005 12:27 PM
You are unbelievable Frank. You are not angry for the hurricane that supposedly God has sent, but instead happy for the amp that also supposedly He has sent.  
Anyway, nevertheless I admire your optimistic attitude. I hope things to continue to go well for you.
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10/6/2005 1:13 PM
anonymous 2204 or 1987 ?
Beyond that question, I think $20k for a demo package is over the top. Maybe someone else can chime in on that. Be careful of signing away anything. Everyone in the industry gets paid before you do.
10/6/2005 1:25 PM
Yeah - I'm sure he's happy to not ask you for money now but take points on the record deal.  
You will be paid last - and likely not at all, unless you go platinum.
10/6/2005 1:53 PM
moose Re: God made the JCM800
Glad all is well and sincerely hope that major label deal comes through for you...  
That being said, I still have to comment on the incredible, self-serving arrogance of religious types like yourself. You state to all that there is some supreme being, all-knowing and all-seeing, who specifically intervened on your behalf to see to it that you and your bandmates got your shot at a deal this year, were comfortable and, further, that you were happy with the amp you would be using.  
In light of recent events, with which you are intimately familiar, does this not seem just a tad self serving to you?  
Your religious beliefs are your own business, but when you deliberately wave them at others in such a clearly selfish way, it is really offensive.  
There's no reason in the world for your "God" to be mentioned in your story unless you are going out of your way to suggest to others that your god has done wonders specifically for you (and, thus, implying those less fortunate are not as favorably looked upon by your god).  
I don't want to start another religion thread - I just can not understand why you would feel it was necessary to throw that crap in there...
10/6/2005 3:27 PM
I don't want to start another religion thread -  
Your whole reply was to bash Frank's religious beliefs.  
What an open-minded individual you are.  
When I read Frank's original post, I came to none of the conclusions that you did. Your rant was so off base, in fact, that I would have to assume that you have an innate hatred of christians, comparable to racism.  
Why dont we diagnose your condition as "Religionism"?  
Please take your religionist attitude back to, where other faith-haters abide by your beliefs. There you can discuss, in all of your glory, how unbelievably stupid christians are, especially those who dare to profess faith in God in a public place.
10/6/2005 6:27 PM
I don't want to start another religion thread  
Your whole reply was to bash Frank's religious beliefs.  
Don't worry about it, man. The common tactic is to make some kind of statement at the beginning to deny any prejudice or discrimination, and then discriminate against someone. You find a lot of that from militant athiests. I am glad there are those that truly understand everything, and have the universe and existance figured out completely, for we all must know innately, that there can be nothing that exists other than what our schooling and logic can explain.  
Remember, it's never hatred and prejudice if it tears down noble ideals and beliefs, only if it points out the inadequacies of certain social systems. I'm sure if Hitler had thought of it, he would have prefaced all of his speeches with "stop the hating, people..."  
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