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Hurricane Rita going to Tehas

9/21/2005 1:31 PM
Poor Person Hurricane Rita going to Tehas
Give us all a prayer for Texas as a cat 4 hurricane is coming...Yikes........  
9/21/2005 8:49 PM
No, Looks like a catagory 5 now. better get a skiff and some paddles.  
Good luck
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9/21/2005 8:51 PM

That's a Cat 5 poor man and yes you got it unfortunately, praying isn't the answer. I really don't think there is an answer I just hope Texas is more organized than LA was and I have a good feeling they will be. I'll pray for you anyway;),  
9/22/2005 8:43 AM
Mitch Re: Hurricane Rita going to Texas
I sure hope this thing dies down before getting to land as I'm 35 miles out of Galveston. This should be interesting to see how well my slap together (general homes) made home will hold up?  
I survived Alicia in 83 in Galveston so I hope my family can get thru this thing too.........  
I'm set, Flashlights, candles, radio, water, food and BEER!!! Nothing like a (good buzz) while shit flies everywhere. LOL....  
Jokes aside, all who is around the gulf coast (Texas) I'll say a prayer for us all.  
9/23/2005 8:20 AM

Hang in there big A and be careful! This storm is a killer and I'm hoping your far enough out of harms way and you are on the west side of the storm. Louisiana is going to get pounded again and I just heard the levee in N.O. broke again pouring water in the ninth ward and if the storm surge comes up again N.O. will be under again. Lake Charles in going to get crushed and we'll get 35 to 40 mph wind and rain for about 12 hours. Drink a cold one for me and crank those an Slo up and enjoy the hurricane party before the Electricity goes out,  
9/23/2005 10:51 AM
You and all the folk down there are definitely in the prayers of all of us up here in Tornado Alley. Fortunately for you, Rita is down to Cat3 and headed toward Beaumont rather than Galveston. At least that is what they told us between the breaking news of the bus full of elderly people that caught fire just outside of Dallas. 20-24 killed from an apparent mechanical failure leading to fire, accelerated by all those oxygen bottles exploding in the heat of the fire.  
See you after the storm,  
9/23/2005 12:19 PM
DallasDweller Rita Update
At 1pm Central Time Rita is expected to make landfall around Port Arthur, Texas at 6am Saturday morning.  
Also, it is currently CAT3 and unlikely to get stronger.  
Lastly, Rita is causing flooding in New Orleans again. Either by overlowing the levee or the levee has burst again, depending on which news reporter's WAG (wild-assed guess) you want to believe. At least there were no people there this time.
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