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cell phone jammers

7/26/2005 3:28 PM
steve rathmann cell phone jammers
These are currently illegal in the US, not because of any privacy issues of individual cell phone users, but because it infringes on the FCC's ability to regulate broadcasts.  
I personally wouldn't mind a 30 foot radius free of blithering idiots.  
Without exaggeration - I have had four close calls while driving in the last week - ALL of them from people on the phone. One guy ran a red without even slowing. Mind, this wasn't a recently turned red where ya sneak in before the oncoming traffic makes it into the intersection. He just barrelled through and probably still doesn't know. (And it was a jumbo american truck at that.)  
Another woman changed lanes into me. Again, I hadn't come up behind her where she might not have known I was there. Instead she passed me on the left and basically veered into me cutting into the right lane.  
The were a couple more, and then there was the surreal moment in the supermarket after picking up a sandwich for lunch at the deli. There was a cell phone talker in each of the four open checkout lanes. I was really tempted to begin just talking to the woman on the phone in front of me, hoping that she would comment on my "rudeness" for interrupting her.  
I came across the whole cell phone jammer thing after thinking, "wouldn't it be great if..." and then googling for it figuring that someone must have already thought of it.  
Now, while it has occured to me that I would love to have one I'm still not sure how I feel (when thinking a bit more objectively) about them. On the one hand it's kind of a nice nonconfrontational discreet means of creating one's own "cone of silence". On the other hand it's kind of passive agressive and intrusive on phone carriers' privacy. If a doctor or other emergency professional were near it could jeopardize this person's ability to recieve life critical communication.  
It's interesting though that their illegality has nothing really to do with infringement on the rights of cellphone users.  
7/26/2005 6:54 PM
Do they have a jammer for those LOUD car stereos that are booming rap music???  
I would love to some how blow the stereo of the jerk sitting in a long traffic line and booming every one around him! LOL......  
Man, I hate that crap when these dumb ass folks decide every one around wants to hear puff daddy or Snoop dog blaring from these car stereos!  
Yo Dog, u all down wif dat????  
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7/27/2005 4:05 AM
Carl Gigun
I imagine interrupting someone's cell phone call is going to make them look at the phone to see what's going on and possibly try to redial, maybe not so good for drivers approaching you. It would be really cool in a movie theater though.  
You can jam the booming cars if they're listening to the radio. You know those little FM transmitters you plug into things like ipods so you can run it through the car stereo? I saw a cool hack online that modified the antenna to increase it's range and allowed you to broadcast into the car next to you. You have to find the frequency they're on, but then you could send silence or a message from god or something ;)
7/27/2005 9:59 AM

"You have to find the frequency they're on, but then you could send silence or a message from god or something ;)"
Of course, that won't work if they're listening to a CD.... Perhaps following them home and filling their trunk with bottles of nitroglycerin would work? They'd start their car the next morning, turn on the stereo, and one last loud "BOOOOOM" would erupt from the crater.... }:^D>  
C ya,  
7/30/2005 7:10 AM

Well, if you've got enough wattage and speakers of your own you can always *jam* the homies with Skynyrd . . .  
cell phone users also move away from the area as well :)  
8/26/2005 10:01 AM

"Well, if you've got enough wattage and speakers of your own you can always *jam* the homies with Skynyrd . . ."
If I could get a good pair of noise cancelling cans, I'd jam 'em with 160dB of Donovan.... }:^D>  
C ya,  
8/26/2005 2:49 PM

careful with that Donovan, if you remember his concerts all his tunes were sing-alongs . . .  
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