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Has anyone here worked for Halliburton in Iraq?

1/18/2005 9:57 AM
Ed Has anyone here worked for Halliburton in Iraq?
Well after being laid off from IT in December in my area and jobs are kinda scarce I was considering trying to maybe go to work for Halliburton in the Iraq mil bases and was wondering if anyone has done this here?  
They have one year contracts that pay kinda decent with the no taxes if you stay there for one year so I wanted to ask for comments good, bad????  
1/18/2005 11:19 AM
SpeedRacer Re: how about the Caymans?
Iraq, no; but I have a better idea for you I think if you are willing to relocate.  
There are lots of banks, holding companies and other hedge-fund related infrastructure firms located in the Cayman islands. These are firms that are often IT heavy for their size and have the budgets to do some pretty cool stuff (cluster servers, redundant routing, etc) since downtime is expensive. I've turned down 3 jobs there already (I like CT!) You typically need to give them a 2 or 3 year commitment. There is no income tax in the Caymans btw. Pay is higher than in continental US as it is hard to get folks to move there. A plus would be some comfort on unix (esp Solaris) and some financial and/or accounting in your background. If I didn't two kids in school I'd be there already drinking on the beach.. There are a number of wall st targeted head hunter firms that might be able to help, such as Wall St Options.  
Just some free advice, worth what you paid for it.  
Good luck with the job hunt!
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1/18/2005 2:53 PM
Thanks for the info Speed, I'm more the data field tech doing the data connection, troubleshooting/repairs when someone calls and also install of data switches when needed.  
I actually rolled out a 1000 switches in 6 months once for a large company, did the data connection hot swap while folks were working between 8 to 5. Not really a network analyst but more the smart grunt 8^) when the field stuff needed done. Pulled lots of cat 5 and phone tech as well so I figured maybe I am in a (little) demand but who knows.....Maybe I'm kidding myself....  
I may be obsolete these days as these network companies want you to know how to do (networking everything) for low pay....  
Kinda hoping the Iraq thing would be not too bad as I don't really want to leave the family for a year but bills gotta be paid....  
1/18/2005 4:59 PM
xxx Re: Has anyone here worked for Halliburton in Iraq?
just so we don't see you a few months from now in a beheading video on tv.  
the pay is nice but is it really worth the risk.
1/19/2005 12:59 PM
xxx said, just so we don't see you a few months from now in a beheading video on tv.  
the pay is nice but is it really worth the risk.  
Well..... I sure don't want to get my head cut off but I got to get some work with decent pay some where and there isn't any decent paying jobs where I live. Or at least 50 to 100 miles away from home.  
I really hate driving in the terrible traffic near my home as the freeway is always screwed up.  
I Guess though if your gonna die from something then either car wreck or heart attack or beheading then whats the difference?  
Ed no behead....
1/19/2005 1:10 PM
The difference is that you can pretty much eliminate the potential for beheading by not going to Iraq.
1/19/2005 2:13 PM
Ed - Where do you live?
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