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How best to ship a Deluxe Reverb?

12/1/2004 10:27 AM
Boy Howdy How best to ship a Deluxe Reverb?
I'm going to be selling a Deluxe on ebay for a friend and I'm not sure how to handle shipping something that heavy. What do you guys recommend for shippers and packing?
12/1/2004 1:57 PM
sean genereaux

I'm a rock n roll guy, meaning load in, show, load out the big acts (read as; roadie), so my recommendation is a road case and call Rock It Cargo. If that's not feasable for you, find a box that oversizes the amp by at least a couple inches all around, and some packing wrap (saran wrap on steroids, Uhaul sells it at their stores) and styrofoam peanuts. Wrap the amp, dump a bed of peanuts in the box, set the amp in there and cover/surround it with the rest of the styrofoam. Unfortunately, I don't know what the weight restriction are for UPS/Fed Ex/DHL etc. I've always used industry cartage companies for shipping gear. Call around, I'm sure one of those companies can do it.  
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12/1/2004 4:52 PM

Deluxe is not all that big, it will go UPS fine.  
COntact you local music stores and ask if they have an amp box you can have from a floor model or something. Heavy cardboard is OK, other than for punctures.  
You want to keep the amp away from the walls of the box - that is those inches referred to in the other post. That way if something impacts the side, it doesn't bang on the amp, the box gives instead. Most amps come suspended in the box. There are corner spacers the amp sits in and also around its top. The amp sits in there OK, but it is not touching the box. Corners are cardboard or styrofoam.  
I am not a fan of filling the box, since there is nothing across the open back of hte amp for the filling to push against. That is why I like the corner supports. Or get some large pieces of 2" styrofoam slab and cut them to fit the box. Amp sits on one, another on top, and a layer around the sides.  
I also recommend removing the tubes from the amp, and wrapping them separately in bubble wrap or something. You can then secure them inside the amp if you like, or ship them separate. We don't want the tubes able to come out of their sockets and fall or bounce around. ANd while in the sockets, any shock to the amp is also transferred to the tubes. In their own wrapping, they are not smacked around as much.
12/1/2004 6:56 PM
I have not shipped many amps, but I've seen a few getting packed up..  
1 - pull the tubes and ideally ship in another box  
2 - I 2nd the motion to use that shipping wrap.. it is like super thick saranwrap.. I used it to keep my sleeper couch from opening when I moved.. it is *strong*. It will not only give the amp a "back" but will protect the speaker grill from punctures and chafing. I packed all of my amps with it last year when I moved. It's amazing stuff.  
3 - I would definitely double box the amp unless you can use a road case (road case being the ideal).. Wrap the amp up in wrap, float it in peanuts and then pack that box in a box that is again floating on peanuts. A decent DR is >$1,000 and it's worth it to not have to deal with the dissapointment and hassle of damage..  
4 - When I have had to ship unnusual musical items, I have had good luck with my local music store. I was able to get an electric guitar size box once when I needed to ship a guitar for ex. You may be able to get a Fender box from a DR RI.. caveat is that IIRC UPS will not insure items in recycled packaging. Be sure to check on this prior to shipping!  
last, if the speaker is original don't worry about it BUT If it has a replacement with a heavy magnet, you *might* consider shipping the speaker seperately. I know a guy who used to tour a lot and his Boogie got trashed once when the EV tore out the baffle and the whole thing collapsed into the amp. EV is the extreme case, but this kind of thing does happen. Expect the thing to get dropped at some point. Plan on it.
12/1/2004 9:57 PM
Steve A.
Answer: To Me!
12/1/2004 10:18 PM
Steve A.
P.S. Watch those foam peanuts!
    It is a real pain to try removing a bunch of those foam peanuts from the frame of a speaker, but even worse they can shift around. So for double-boxing an amp I'm recommend cutting pieces of solid styrofoam to protect the corners rather than trusting foam peanuts to do the job. Stereo stores usually have plenty of large boxes and styrofoam out by their dumpster- and are more than glad to get rid of it!  
Steve Ahola
12/1/2004 10:41 PM
Boy Howdy Thanks, ya'll.I wis...
Thanks, ya'll.  
I wish I could figure a way to keep it, but there's no way.  
It may be a fairly old one too. She bought it used in the early 80s. I'll get to play it for a week or two. That's something I guess.
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