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Why shouldn't I just default on my student loans?

9/23/2004 10:33 AM
Anomalous Why shouldn't I just default on my student loans?
I've been alternately paying and defering for ten years now. I can't even pay the interest, let alone the principal. My loan has only gotten bigger. I've never had a good job and have no hope of ever having one. Couldn't get one if I even wanted one.  
I can never pay it off. Why not just stop trying? I know they can take my tax refunds (No doubt, that'll make 'em fat and happy). I know it'll ruin my credit ... actually, it's too late for that.  
I see no way to ever get past this. Why not just stop?
9/23/2004 11:31 AM
Well, its obvious that the price of your education was wasted on you, so why not just get it over with -- why not do us all a favor and just put a gun to your head?
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9/23/2004 12:15 PM
Sean K

Hey Bro,I'm in the same position,albiet the stakes aren't as high,I only did a year at Art school when I was thirty,but my credit has been bad for that long if not longer and I really don't have any problems with that.  
I will not spend my life buying into the security racket and do not believe in insurance at all.I think you have to make a choice as to how you fit in to all this,not my choice or their choice but the choice that really suits you.Credit is crap anyways,everythings always cheaper and more reliable when you pay cash and it makes you think a little longer as to whether or not you even need to buy it.As for houses,thats the tricky one but you can even get around that in various ways.Take the track less trodden and find your own way through the forest.Good luck.
9/23/2004 12:56 PM

don't believe in insurance????? How can that be?
9/23/2004 1:37 PM
Thanks for taking the question seriously, Sean. I'm afraid this is a very bad time for me. Everything is just crashing down around me. I'm at the end of my rope ... almost literally.  
But, I think they can garnish your wages ... which would be a real problem ... if I had a job. But I believe they can take a percentage of any future income through your employer. Can anyone confirm that? Are there any other ways they can come after me.  
I would pay it if there were a way to eventually pay it off. But there's just no way.
9/23/2004 3:43 PM

Maybe you need to consider filing for bankruptcy.  
9/23/2004 1:22 PM
Funny you should mention that....
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