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LEDs, millicandelas and footcandles

1/5/2005 10:08 PM
Don Symes
LEDs, millicandelas and footcandles
Well, I may have to roll my own optocouplers to make the MagicPots work. The photocells are specified in terms of ohms@footcandles. LEDs are specified in terms of millicandelas@mA_If.  
Those two units (ftc and mcd) are, at best, tangentially related.  
Could someone please tell me how many mcd I have to provide to make 1 ftc and 100 ftc over the area of this TO-5 photocell:  
1/11/2005 8:41 AM
Hi Don...I'm not sure if you got your answer yet but I happened to be on the forum this morning and saw your question. I used to work for a company that dealt in making light/color measuring equipment (including LED measuring equipment) and they used to have all that info on their website....check this site out and they might be able to answer your question:  
good luck,  
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