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Looking for some help

12/9/2004 6:22 AM
Tony Goulas
Looking for some help
Does anybody know where I can get some instruction on do it yourself type plexi modifications. I have a rather thin sounding plexi reissue (1987 50 watt]  
and I heard that replacing the caps with orange drop type caps can help. Also I was wondering if it is possible to make an independant 2 channel setup.  
and possibly install a power amp input to access only the power amp stage. I use a Vox ToneLab Stage modeller and I would Like to pass through the EL34's to check out the sound. Any help would be appreciated.  
Oh and by the way, the Marshall I have has the PC board not the point to point type. (don't know if it matters}
12/9/2004 10:10 AM

Thin sounding 1987x? Wow...the one I had in for mods a month or so ago had low end to spare due to the 330u cathode bypass cap in the preamp.  
Are you using the normal ch or the "high treble" inputs? The normal input should sound just HUGE.  
The other sounded screechy to me. Check your inputs.
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