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Anybody know what this amp is?

11/25/2004 5:29 AM
Mark Cole
Anybody know what this amp is?
I bought an amp recently from Taylors in Memphis. The guy there had no idea as to the make/model. The label inside has mostly been ripped away and the brand name starts with an 'S' then the rest is ripped but could be the top half of a 'U' or an 'I' and 'L' (Supro or Silvertone??) then CHICAGO underneath.  
Also, it says Model No. 79-NO.10-3T-239 and MFG BY RADIONIC INDUSTRIES CHICAGO.  
It looks similar to the amp far right in this picture, only dark brown centre panel with lighter brown side panels...  
It has three tubes - a 6SJ7, a 5Y3 and a 6V6 and the speaker is a no-name 8".  
Harp sounds great through it which is why it came home with me.  
Any info greatly welcomed.  
12/15/2004 8:34 PM

I had a Spiegel amp once, apparently it must have been sold through their catalog, which was based in Chicago. It sounds remarkably similiar to yours. My guess they would have been manufactured by the National/Valco amp companies located nearby? Hope somebody else knows more. If it's like mine was, bet it sounds pretty darn good!
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