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from 120 Volt to 230 Volts? Please HELP

11/17/2004 4:32 AM
from 120 Volt to 230 Volts? Please HELP
Hello !  
I just bought a Ampeg svt 2 pro from the USA.  
I come from The Netherlands and we have another power net here. Our voltage is 220 volt, but the amp i bought is set for the USA power net of 120/130 volt.  
I know there are units that change the voltage from 220 to 130 but i heard that this can be changed INSIDE the amp? Maybe a swich or wireing???  
Is there somebody who have experience with some kind of situation? There must be i think, sinds internet there are allot of international sales who encounter this kind of problems.  
many thanks in advance  
Best regards,  
B Römer  
The netherlands (Holland)  
Please reply to:
11/17/2004 10:52 PM

My SVT2Pro drawing for some reason do not include the power transformer. The SVT2 has separate transformers for domestic and export, while the SVT3Pro has a universal transformer in it. SO I don;t know.  
You might contact AMpeg and ask if the amp can be reconfigured. Your tech can look inside and see if there are extra power transformer wires parked on push on pins but not conencted to anything else. That is a sign of unused taps for other mains voltages. AMpeg can tell you which wires go on which connectors to convert it. Or they can tell you it needs a different transformer.  
The alternative is to use an external step-down power transformer. For an amp that large the step down would be very large and expensive. SO if we needed to do that we might as well just convert the amp itself, even if that means buying a new power transformer for it.
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