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Mackie pots

11/15/2004 8:31 PM
Mackie pots
My 1202 VLZ has very scratching gain, master and CR pots.  
I don't like pot cleaners, but the situation is very critical. Has someone tested a good cleaner for this kind of pots?  
11/15/2004 11:20 PM

On some of those little things the larger problem is getting cleaner into the pot in the first place. They are sealed. I can't think of anything I would prefer over Deoxit or MCL.
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11/23/2004 9:01 AM

Hi Enzo,  
thanks for your help.  
About pot cleaners: someone here in Italy said me that CRC 6-66 (a marine-grade cleaner) is very good for pots: it cleans the pot leaving a protective film without damaging the mechanical rotational response of the pot. Someone had experience with this product?  
About the pot: you are perfectly right, I verified today: the pots are sealed. I think the best option is to substitute the pots, but this can be expensive. Someone can point me to a mouser part compatible with the mackies? The bigger difference can be in comparison to the "mackie specific" unity gain and center detent at 12 o'clock. But is not a problem for me to use "correct" taper audio pots (maybe the taper can be better than mackie...).  
thanks all  
11/23/2004 11:16 PM

SOmetimes you can gently drip cleaner along the shaft and it will seep inside.  
I don't know what pots are in the Mackie, but you can count on any pots in commercial gear being custom made for the product. Mackie calls Alps or whoever and specifies what they want and that is made special for them. They don't just find their pots in a catalog.  
You may find something close enough though. I use mainly Mouser and Allied, but there are certainly other large parts houses around the world. Measure the pot cross section. Usually they are sorted as to their physical dimensions. Like the 16mm pots in Marshalls for example. These may be 12mm or 14mm pots, then ther is the pc mounting style, then the value, and footprint of the legs, then the shaft size, shape and length.  
Other than that, nothing to it.
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