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sears twin twelve amp schem

11/8/2004 2:20 PM
sears twin twelve amp schem
Does anyone know anything about a sears twin-12 amp? I was given one played it and 60's rock blues it a cool amp.turn it on 6-9 35 watts tales of brave ullessies, anyway does anyone know anything schems,history ect, this thing looks like it was made in mid 60 any info?please. bob
12/9/2004 10:06 AM

The schemo for this amp is freely available on the net. You need to know the chassis# (on the back of the amp chassis) to find it. If it is the 2-6L6 head version it may be a 1484. FYI---the output transformers in these are notoriously prone to failure. If you use it will go. Plan on replacing it with one that's up to the task.  
They are funky amps, for sure. Non-standard pwr supply, mute type stand-by (so actually, its not a stand-by at all), world's worst reverb, etc.  
No fun to work've been warned.  
Maybe you can sell it to Jack White ;)
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