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Traynor power amp chip query

6/6/2004 2:05 PM
Mark Hammer
Traynor power amp chip query
I picked up a little Traynor T10/G practice amp dirt cheap yesterday. It was dirt cheap because it was not working. Turns out the power amp chip is blown. I'd like to replace it, and probably have the part, but the chip is damaged enough that it is impossible to identify. All I know is that it is a 5-pin chip similar to a TDA2003, LM383, TDA2030, etc., that is used to deliver somewhere in the vicinity of 10 watts into a 6.5" speaker. Reviews on H-C would suggest the unit can deliver as much as 20W. Since the design is VERY similar to a Marshall 8010, which uses a TDA2030, I am guessing this one uses the same chip.  
Can anyone confirm or deny?
6/6/2004 9:45 PM

All the 5-leg chips are pretty much the same. A 2030 or a 2040 ought to work fine. If you have doubts, trace the five legs back to whatever they connect to. Two rails, output, and the +/- inputs. That ought to be easy to verify that they are the same as on a 2030/2040.  
Or call Yorkville and ask them.
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6/7/2004 8:15 AM
Mark Hammer

That's pretty much what I figured. Bench time is rather limited this week, so I sent Traynor a note and will patiently wait for them to confirm.  
Thanks for your help. I'll keep my TDA2030 chip handy.
6/22/2004 7:42 PM

2030 and 2040 have different max supply voltages, measuring the voltage you can correctly install the correct part. it sucks to do the job twice, and remember to check for DC on the output before connecting the speaker, it is capacitor coupled and it may be shorted
6/29/2004 2:14 PM
Mark Hammer

Thanks. Given the cabinet size and model name (T10/G), I'm assuming that it is aiming for about 10W so even if the 2030 or 2040 were used, the supply voltage would be lower than max, but you are correct to recommend that the supply voltage should be used in the "detective work".
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