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Pickup Selection Help

11/28/2005 10:49 AM
Harold H.
Pickup Selection Help
I just recently "rediscovered" an Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor that I have had for the last 12 years. I changed string guages (12's to 11's) and made the appropriate neck, bridge adjustments and am now real happy with how it plays.  
The probelm is with the pickups. The stock epi humbuckers really stink.  
I know that this is a real subjective question but I trust the opinions on Ampage.  
Should I invest in "vintage" humbuckers like Seymour Duncan 59's or Seth Lovers or go to something different like Phat Cats?  
I really like the single coil tone but am not sure what to do with this guitar.  
I appreciate any input you can provide.  
Harold H
11/28/2005 5:57 PM

I guess it mostly depends on what kind of music you want to play with this guitar and what you want it to sound like.  
You use flat or roundwounds?  
Some of the guys here can wind anything you keep them in mind too.
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11/28/2005 6:04 PM
Harold H
Good questions. I don't have to have a "jazz" sound from it. My son has a Godin Multiac Jazz that I can play if I want that kind of sound. I guess I'm looking for a something a little "airier" than a Strat sound but still full range.
12/1/2005 3:27 PM

If fuller range is what you're after then you should go with a P90 style pickup. Less mids than a humbucker but more than a strat.
12/6/2005 11:58 AM

Harold, I think the Seths would be nice in that guitar. You might want to check out highorder, manlius or some of the other great winders for a nice hand wound set. As far as Phat Cats, et al...check out Dave Stephens "Kay-Bars". Kiler, killer pickups that would turn your Pass into a tone monster.
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