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Re: D'oh! / Bass-control on a Strat

11/21/2005 11:20 AM
Chris/CMW amps
Re: D'oh! / Bass-control on a Strat
To all:  
Check the pdf-file-link Steve did post, that's the diagram.  
When put on 10 the bass-cut-control is out of the circuit.  
In many cases the taper of pots do have a big influence on the adjustment, lots of guys do want a "nice range".  
The guitar is from a customer who did bring his guitar when picking up a modded Ltd. Bassman. Right now I do only have rosewood board Strats and his G&L does have a maple board and we did want to be sure all shrill highs were gone in his Bassman after my mods :)  
Too many amps over here right now but I know what I'm gonna order for Xmas :D  
11/21/2005 8:24 AM
Borsanova Bass-control on a Strat
Let's see if I got this right:  
Your Strat has a treble control working on all pickups and a bass-control put in series with the volume control, but with a treble bleed capacitor 0.022mf?  
Actually I was thinking about a similar mod for my Strat. If I understand it well I should therefore connect the middle tone control to the general input wire, then I should wire up the neck tone control as a second volume control in series with the first and bridge it with a capacitor. Is that right?  
Do you think that the second pot would affect the tone with all controls on 10? And what happens if I use the stock tone pot of my Mexico Strat for this work? I think it is 250k (or maybe 500k). Why is that not enough? I've seen that the varitone switches of the Gibson 345s seem to use only a 100k resistor with different caps ranging from 0.001 to 0.22. And why should the pot be reverse?  
As I can see with a normal pot 10 would give the full bass and 0 the trebliest quack. What's wrong with that?  
Did anybody build this mod and do you think it is useful?
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