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Ed Roman Guitars, The Glock .22

11/11/2005 9:53 PM
Junoir Ed Roman Guitars, The Glock .22
This was taken from Harmony Central about the famous Kramer Pacer copy that Ed Roman builds  
Customer Support: 1  
Here's where the trouble starts. After having the guitar for a about a week and half and comparing it, price wise, to that of the Wayne Charvel "Monster" guitar I began to have some concerns and questions. You see I let Scott, (Ed Roman's sales guy), talk me into thinking that Ed Roman's shop could build me a guitar like that of Wayne Charvel's "Monster" for equal or less money plus I could take delivery faster. Sounds great! At the end of the day so to speak however I wound up paying around $350 more for Mr. Roman's oil finished J-Frog Glock 22. I then decided to call Scott at Ed Roman's shop, not to demand that I be able to return the guitar for a refund, but rather to dispute the high price ($1800) of the guitar. What I got was an arrogant, defiant, asshole who wouldn't let me get a word in edge wise when I started to go over the original invoice with him. Scott is also a pro at passing the buck. After only about a minute into our conversation he was already saying things like "Hey, that's not my issue. That's the shop foreman's issue". This being after I made mention of a few finish flaws that I wrote about elsewhere in this review. After Scott got finished doing all the talking and me doing all the listening he finally gave up on me and patched me over to god himself. The ULTIMATE guitar store owner. That's right MR. ED ROMAN. Ed gets on the phone and says "yeah?" I then ask "Who am I speaking with please?" and he smarts back chirping "This is Ed!!" Well how utterly fucking stupid of me. Of course it's Ed and please accept my sincere apologies for daring to have a dispute with god himself after buying an $1800 guitar from his most worthy place of business. I then began to try and explain my issues with the price of the guitar to Mr. Roman. I even made it clear to him that I wasn't looking for a refund but rather I just wanted him to try and justify the high price of his J-Frog when compared to that of Wayne Charvel's "Monster" which is essentially the same guitar only $350 less. You see, if you read Mr. Roman's web site you will find that he does a shitload of soap box squawking about the high prices and quality of workmanship etc. of other guitar makers as compared with his similar models and he's always daring anybody to challenge him on these issues. At one point Ed (god) wrongly accused me of taking too long (3 months) to pay the guitar off after I was notified by his stuck up, rude wife,(that's a whole different nightmare), that it was finished. That was bullshit and now I finally lost my cool. The guitar was ordered on 3/22/04 and it was paid off by 5/06/04. I also had an original agreement with Scott that I [might] need to take 3 months to pay the guitar off just in case I had money problems so Ed Roman had no reason in the first place to bitch about that. Then Ed started whining about what a pain in the ass it was for the head stock to be unfinished on special order like I had asked and that I should feel lucky I wasn't charged extra for that. Say what?? Fuck you Ed!!! Then Ed starts arguing with his wife in the background after she tells him he has another customer waiting. I then hear Ed yell at her saying " I know but this guy (me)won't let me hang up the phone". Man, what a couple of fucked up old hillbilly's. At no time, from start to finish on this deal did I ever, either in writing or verbally, get a "Thank You for your business" from anyone at Mr. Roman's shop. I on the other hand said thank you for your time after every phone conversation. That is, of course, until this last one . Ed Roman, Ed Roman's bitch for a wife, and Scott the asshole salesman apparently feel that unless you are Van Halen, George Lynch, or some other VIP you the average customer should feel privileged to do business with royalty such as them rather than it be the other way around as it should be. Also, don't buy into any of Ed Roman's bullshit abou  
Pretty bad huh...  
I am glad I read this as I will never buy a guitar from Ed Roman now.  
11/13/2005 2:08 AM

I'm glad I read it too. It was an interesting tale.  
Just goes to show you shouldn't be taken in by hype and advertising.
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11/14/2005 2:17 PM
I'd like to chime-in with a post I did over on the LPF, my issue wasn't as expensive as yours but here is my experience with the ass...  
Ed Roman is about the only company that can WELL exceed Guitar Center to claim the "Lamest Customer Relations Award" not to mention Ed himself is *the* most condecending rude-ass person the way he speaks to customers, let me relate my experience with ERG (Ed Roman Guitars).  
August 2004 - I needed a Floyd Rose Low-Pro for a guitar I was working on, all the usual suspects had them cheaper but were out of stock, except Ed Roman Guitars who's website showed them in stock, so I ordered one from ERG.  
September 2004 - a month gone by since my order, I called ERG to find out why I haven't received my merchandise. I ask the person that answered the phone about the status of my order and offer my order-number so he can look-it-up, he says "the guy that handles the internet orders isn't in right now" so I ask him to have the guy return my call when he's free and he says "well we are really busy and it would be better if you called back, I don't have time right now".  
So of course by now I'm getting a little bit perturbed getting the wank-around trying to get info on my order so I said to the person "look you're not being very helpfull here can you please look-up my order or pass me along to someone who can? can I speak to the manager?" he says in a rude and condescending manner "I am the manager, this is my store" and I said "well that's a treat, I call and get to talk to the big dog himself, how are you?" he says "yeah, whatever".  
(nice guy 'eh?)  
Yes this is Ed Roman himself, so I say "hey look Ed, I'm your customer and I'd purchased some merchandise from you a month ago and still have not received it so now I'm calling long distance and you're telling me you don't have time to help me?, that I should call back later?" he pauses in silence for like 5 seconds and says "what did you order?" so I told him, he says "OH well theres your problem, all the Floyd Rose stuff is on back-order, has been since June"  
(recall the website said "in stock" in August when I ordered it)  
so I said "Ed the reason I ordered from you was because your website said in August that you had these in-stock, now you're saying you haven't had these since June?" he says "yep, they been on back order, and as soon as they come in, we'll ship yours" so I wasn't happy but since nobody else had one at the time I was willing to wait, again...  
November 2004 - three months since my order, I called ERG again (on my dime) and this time got "the internet guy" (whew!) so I asked about my order and he said "oh man, you didn't get yours?" when I said no he said "oh yeah man, last month we got all the back-orders in and sent them all out, I thought we were all cought up sorry".  
Now I'm getting hot under-the-collar, I asked him when he'd have one to ship me and he says "well I dunno they're officially on back-order again but I'm expecting them in 2 weeks, sorry about all this but the very next one that comes in he will personally grab and ship to me" so now I feel a little better and before getting of the phone I ask the guy to call me when the Floyd comes in.  
December 2004 - four months since my order and it's been another 30 days since I spoke to them, no call and no Floyd.  
So I call again (long distance, my dime) and get someone else this time, I ask for the "internet guy" who was busy working on the website and couldn't come to the phone. I ask about my order and the guy says "we got a bunch of Low-Pro's in last week but I think we've sold them all though, let me go look....nope, they're all gone".  
I asked him if he could please go check with the "internet guy" because he told me he would be personally filling my order, so this guy goes away for like 10 minutes ...(long distance, my dime)... and comes back and says "he said to tell you it hasn't come in yet".  
Now I'm T'd off again and said "but didn't you just tell me you got the Low-Pro's in last week?" and he says "well apparently yours didn't come in" I hang up the phone in a manner that tested it's high-impact capabilities.  
BUT...since it was a few days before Christmas I decided to blow this off until after the holidays....  
February 2005 - Six months since my order, before I called ERG I decided to look on the website again and the website indicated the Low-Pro was "in stock" so I called Ed Roman Guitars ...(long distance, my dime)... and what luck, the "internet guy" answered the phone (I recognised his voice).  
I said "I was on your website which said you had these in stock but I wanted to call and confirm, do you have Floyd Rose Low-Pro in stock? I want to order one" he says "hang on I'll look ....Yeah we got 'em, you want one?".  
I said "well hey, since you have one, do you mind telling me why you won't ship me one? filling my order from LAST AUGUST?" he's like "did you order one last August? oh well our database has changed since then, your order must have fallen through the cracks" and I said "c'mon dude, don't you recall speaking to me about this back in November? you told me yourself that you would personally ship my order from the very next lot that came in, and in December I called to find out I had been skipped again?" he appologised and admitted he remembered (just then) and the Floyd showed up two days later.  
Six months of lies and inept order handling with lousy customer service and all the long-distance phone charges, yeah, that's the kind of service I got from Ed Roman and Co.  
In closing let me just say that I'm totally amazed how an ass like Ed Roman manages to stay in business! some day it's gotta catch up to him sooner or later. This guy needs an Ebeneezer epiphany.  
(Ed "Scrooge" Roman R.I.P.)  
11/14/2005 10:42 PM
Jeez Redhouse,  
If I had to wait 6 months I probably would have gone down there personnely and kicked Ed's ASS!  
That's why I always use a credit card so that way if I don't get my merchandise and get the runaround I will file on the company and get my money refunded.  
I'm dealing with an internet biz now that was supposed to have shipped some Floyd parts out two weeks ago and have yet to see these parts but the internet biz is only 10 miles from my house so I wonder what gives???  
I have emailed this person as I was told this stuff is on its way after the auction and still not seen it yet. This is the one time I paid thru paypal from my bank account and now wondering if the parts do not show up will paypal refund my money???  
Ive never dealt with trying to get money back from them. I did get ripped once from a Ebay auction for $25.00 and had my CC get my money back from paypal that worked.  
Regarding Ed Roman, The post above was something I ran across reading it from Harmony Central reviews on the J. frog guitars. It wasn't my bad deal but some one else. I just thought I would post it here to warn others about the famous Ed (Jerkoff) Roman.  
I've heard others complain about him in the past.  
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