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Routing guitar bodies for Floyd Rose question?

11/4/2005 11:28 AM
Mitch Routing guitar bodies for Floyd Rose question?
Well I have to ask as I am in a bit of an unknown here.  
I have the Stew-mac templates to do the recessed routes for the Floyd rose trems on my guitars and have done 5 different guitars successfully but when I try to route the neck pocket a slight bit deeper, I wind up chipping the edge of the guitar body on the inside cut edge where the neck fits into the body.  
I'm using the stew-mac templates to do these routes but is there a technique to this neck pocket route without chipping the neck pocket edge?  
The purpose of the routes are to set the Floyd rose just above the body but having the recces to pull back on the bar for those screaming notes and harmonics.  
If anyone has experience with this could you please let me know.  
11/4/2005 10:15 PM
I figured it out, just got to route very small amounts of wood at a time as to not chip the wood or paint.  
I routed 2 kramer bodies tonight and they came out good.  
Mitch the router man. LOL.....
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11/7/2005 8:13 AM

It helps to apply masking tape to the area.
11/7/2005 10:39 AM
Hey Earl,  
It had dawned on me the other night to do that too. Thanks for that thought anyway.  
I have found when drilling the neck for a floyd nut to put putty behind the neck so the drill bit won't chip wood. That and the using masking tape and a brad point bit to counter sink the head of the screw that hold the FR clamp into the back side of the neck.  
I've had the routing templates for a few years and when I get used guitars with the Floyd's on them I like to lower the action by doing these routes in the body and neck pocket. I think I'm finally getting it down well too ;)  
Plus I change the pickup setup to humbuckers when getting guitars with the H-S-S setup. making them into H-S-H  
I just did a 80's Kramer F6000 to a H-S-H setup and all of a sudden I realized that this guitar body looks more like an Ibanez RG-550 style body.  
Kinda makes me wonder if Ibanez copied the Kramer body since I think these were out before the RG series were? LOL....  
11/7/2005 12:15 PM

They may have been produced in the same factory!! LOL
11/7/2005 3:38 PM
jaysg you might score the outline first (e)
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