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Rose on a Rave II????

8/7/2004 4:13 AM
Rose on a Rave II????
We all agree the RaveII was a cheap and fast entry into the market in the early/mid 80's for Rich, however, As a kid then with a pocket of mowing money, it was worth the $239 I paid back then and still plays "decent" to this day.. (What doesn't with a good effects pedal?)  
Here is the question and I appreciate any input I could get or instructions.. I picked up a Rose trem *dbl lock on an auction site pretty cheap and had it checked for authenticity. Real deal. I figured I'd investigate the troubles to install it myself on the Rave to add some tuning control over the OEM components.. Can anyone help rate the complexity of this project or should I just turn it over to a shop and let them go at it? Thanks.  
FC Rich...
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