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shielding a strat

6/26/2004 8:30 PM
gord shielding a strat
This has probably been asked here numerous times. I have a Strat which I love to play. It's got an ash body with Custom Shop '54 pickups, my personal faves. These pickups hum in all five positions. I was thinking about thoroughly shielding the pickguard and control cavity with thick copper tape. With the pickups pretty low in the guitar, I can imagine that a good shielding job would significantly reduce the amount of hum, although not totally.  
Does it really help, or am I being overly optimistic?  
6/27/2004 5:01 AM
Chris - CMW amps

Hi Gord  
It certainly does help reducing hum and "noise" but they'll still act like SCs .  
Altough the sound does change slightly ( imho ) you can have your middle pu RWRP for humcancelling in positions 2 and 4 .  
Good luck !  
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6/29/2004 9:52 AM
Mark Hammer

If you can score a middle pickup with reverse magnetic polarity that would improve hum reduction immensely in positions 2 and 4.  
Alternatively, if you try my favourite little trick of swapping the hot leads from the middle and bridge pickups on the selector switch, you get 1-neck, 2-neck+bridge, 3-bridge, 4-bridge+middle, 5-middle. With that arrangement, it might be more helpful to have the RWRP pickup be the bridge pickup rather than the middle. That way, you'll have hum cancellation for the n+b and m+b positions.  
The copper tape fix will provide some noise reduction, but the fact will remain that with exposed poles all those electromagnetic sources around you (transformers, TVs, flourescent lights, etc.) will still find an easy route to your axe.
7/2/2004 9:12 AM
You HAVE to try the shielding suggested on (entitled "Quieting the Beast"). It seems to do wonders and I'm trying it at the moment, not completed yet I'm waiting for a few parts.
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