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My Friend Bought a 1960 Standard

5/16/2004 3:09 PM
bob p My Friend Bought a 1960 Standard
I just got back from the Chicago Guitar Show. One of the guys who I've come to develop a friendship with through some of the guitar forums had quite a surprise in store for me when I met him at the Chicago Guitar Show.  
He had brought along a 1960 LP Standard that he had recently bought from Mick Ralphs (Bad Company, Mott the Hoople). This is the same guitar that Mick used to write Feel Like Making Love and Can't Get Enough. Its also the same guitar that Mick had played on Mott's recording of All the Young Dudes. I didn't even ask about the price.  
I've had a chance to play real 50's Gibsons in the past (from Dave Rogers' collection), but this is the first time that somebody that I know personally has ever come to own a guitar like this. Needless to say, I'm having dreams about making a roadtrip to his house to play it. I'll have to take along a great sounding fully tweaked amp, so it doesn't look like I'm only coming over to drool over his guitar!  
(Sorry for the double post -- I'm just so excited that I couldn't hold back!)  
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