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All-Around Amp Project

12/9/2005 12:19 PM
All-Around Amp Project
Here's a question that I ask loosely, mainly because I realize that every vintage amp is special in it's own unique way. I'm just tossing out this question get a warm fuzzy. If you had to choose one Fender amp to reproduce, from the ground up (cabinet, chassis, circuit, etc) and you wanted something that represented a good, classic, middle of the road, all-around, for a 1-amp-owner, amplifier, what would you choose? ANy benchmarks ? (I know, I know, they're all benchmarks.....).  
12/10/2005 4:38 PM
Rick Erickson

1959 5F6-A Tweed Bassman 4-10 combo. All parts are readily available and it's a fairly easy build.  
If you want a smaller amp, a 5E3 Tweed Deluxe would be my second choice for the same reasons.  
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12/10/2005 5:18 PM

Funny you should mention that one. It was on the top of my list. I have the schematic/layout....also have a chassis drawing that I would use to fab up a correct chassis. One thing I dont have is a good cabinet drawing. I bet there's one to be had out there somewhere. I'd wanna keep everything anatomically correct. Thanks for the input Rick.  
12/11/2005 7:59 PM

My answer is the same as Ricks. The 5F6-A for a larger amp and definatly a 5E3 for a smaller amp.
12/12/2005 1:10 PM

The 5E7 "Super" is my fav'. After building a Mission Amps (Bruce Collins) Super, I've started selling off my other vintage Fenders (Blackface Princeton, 6G11 Vibrolux). I ordered a PT with a switchable secondary so I may drop B+ as desired. So far, I run either TAD 6L6s or JJ 6V6s. The 2-10 cabinet with Weber 10A100/10F150 is much easier for my 50-year-old back to handle than a 5F6A and it breaks up just a little sooner so I don't need to get quite as loud. By varying output tubes, switching B+, and swapping rectifier tubes, I can cover most any base I need for power from about 15-40w in one amp.
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